Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

The latest Genshin Impact update added new mechanics and locales to the game. One of the new regions introduced to the game is the Chasm in Liuye. You will have an objective to research the location of Chasm as you proceed through the plot tasks. The majority of the players are stuck on this goal since they can’t find the place. So, here’s our advice on investigating the allocated site in Genshin Impact.

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Before you may go to the destination, you must first finish the Heavenly Stone’s debris questline. You must travel to Chasm’s subterranean mines. To go to the Chasm: Underground mines, utilise a Teleport waypoint. Glide to the ground when you reach over there.

Paimon will notify you to a sparkling ore as you navigate the appropriate region. You may gather Lumenstone Ore. After you’ve collected the ore, proceed behind the stones to reveal a massive hole. Dive into the Pit to get to your destination. When you plunge into the hole, you’ll arrive in the Nameless Ruins and accomplish the mission.

Make a note to follow the quest’s objective using Paimon’s menu. The quest is called “In the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion.” You may locate it by going to the Chasm Spelunkers section.