Genshin Affect model 3.1 launches tomorrow, bringing with it the brand new Sumeru desert area and characters Nilou, Cyno, and Candace (get extra particulars in regards to the update right here), however we’re already trying ahead to the game’s subsequent update. Genshin Affect developer HoYoverse has revealed the 2 characters they plan so as to add in update 3.2, together with the Dedro person Nahida and the Cryo person Layla, and varied leakers are filling in a number of the blanks.

In line with dependable Genshin Affect leaker UBatcha, Nahida wields magical Dendro catalysts. Her Elemental Talent means that you can mark enemies and shred their defenses. Her Elemental Burst apparently covers a variety of floor and grants buffs to your Pyro, Electro, and Hydro teammates. Looks like she brings each DPS and help expertise to the desk.

◆ Nahida

◆ Physic of Purity

◆ Lesser Lord Kusanali

◆ Dendro

◆ Sapientia Oromasdis#GenshinImpact #Nahida

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This is a peek at Nahida’s Elemental Talent in motion.

Leaked picture of what holding Nahida’s E appears to be like like.

Source unknown.

Do you guys get why I stated digital camera now 😭

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As for Nahida’s character, it looks as if she’s the vessel of Lesser Lord Kusanali, the present Dendro Archon (the god of that ingredient and corresponding area). Apparently, Kusanali/Nahida changed the earlier Dendro Archon Larger Lord Rukkhadevata, who was killed throughout a cataclysm 500 years in the past, though many followers suspect Kusanali/Nahida is definitely Rukkhadevata drained of her powers. A bit advanced, I do know.

Moving onto Layla, she offers Cryo injury and wields swords. Her Elemental Talent is alleged to summon a defend of kinds, and her Elemental Burst covers a big space on the bottom and offers Cryo injury.

◆ Layla

◆ Fantastical Night Star

◆ Half-Awake, Half-Asleep, All Incredulous

◆ Cryo

◆ Luscinia#GenshinImpact #Layla

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Much less is understood about Layla’s private traits, though UBatcha says her essential defining quirk is all the time being sleepy. It’s unknown what star ranking the brand new 3.2 characters carry, however I’m guessing Nahida is a 5-star and Layla is a 4-star.

As for the general story of Genshin Affect 3.2, insider VTNa Leak has been posting some particulars. Very broadly talking, it appears the participant could find yourself in jail, and ultimately staff up with Nahida to tackle the Fatui Harbinger Dottore. The specifics are a bit unclear, however do comply with the hyperlink above and see for those who can piece it collectively for your self.

Genshin Affect could be performed on PC, PS4, PS5, and cellular gadgets. Update 3.1 drops tomorrow. Updates normally arrive ever six weeks on the dot, so you’ll be able to probably count on Update 3.2 on November 2.