I can hardly consider some other game sequence that has been tortured fairly in the way in which Conker has. As if the titular squirrel hadn’t had a tough sufficient existence already, G-Gasoline is able to drag his corpse out of its grave and theme a whole drink round it, for some purpose.

Not solely that, however the vitality drink model has created the entire thing round considered one of Conker’s Unhealthy Fur Day’s weirdest characters: the Mighty Poo. Yep, G-Gasoline is actually advertising a shit-themed drink from a game that is over 20 years previous. No, this is not one other toe-curlingly cringe skit from Nathan For You. This can be a actual, precise factor that exists. Fortunately the drink itself will not style like excrement—until you are actually not a fan of G-Gasoline—however slightly is “tropical corn soda” flavoured. Truthfully, I am undecided if that flavour is any higher. I see what you are attempting to do G-Gasoline, and I hate it.

It is positively one of many weirder vitality drink collaborations the model has gone for, and I am nonetheless not completely positive why Conker’s Unhealthy Fur Day was chosen over actually anything. However handy it to G-Gasoline, the bathtub’s design is fairly rad and I am positive it is one which long-time Conker followers will admire. The limited-edition flavour additionally comes with an unique Mighty Poo Youtooz determine. For some purpose they’ve given him pearly whites as a substitute of what I at all times thought had been corn for enamel, however except for that he is a reasonably neat-looking figurine. As neat as a plastic pile of poo can look, anyway.

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Straight away you possibly can be part of a waitlist for the $60 collector’s field, which is because of ship a while in April. I am virtually curious sufficient to purchase it, simply to know precisely what a tropical corn soda gamer drink would style like. Virtually. I am undecided if I might get previous the implications of why it is corn-flavoured, although.