Future 2 season 19 is lower than per week away and we nonetheless know little or no about what we’ll be as much as for the following few months earlier than Lightfall arrives. It looks like Bungie are doing the identical factor they did with the Season of Plunder, leaving us on tenterhooks till the final minute. It is unusual, although, as a result of we already know many of the huge adjustments which are coming.

As is fairly regular within the run-up to a content material drop, Bungie has been offering particulars about upcoming adjustments and reworks of their ‘This Week at Bungie’ posts, from what’s occurring to Iron Banner and the Crucible, to new craftable raid weapons, to the in-game financial system and removing of vacation spot supplies. Right here, I will stroll you thru every thing we presently find out about Future 2 season 19, no matter it seems to be referred to as.

Future 2 season 19 launch date

(Picture credit score: Bungie )

Although we do not know its official title but, the Future 2 season 19 launch date is December 6, when the Season of Plunder lastly involves an finish. Because it was with this final season, Bungie is holding very quiet in regards to the story and what we’ll be doing, and it is unlikely we’ll study something extra earlier than launch except there are leaks. Many gamers speculate that the season will centre across the AI Warmind, Rasputin, since we have not had a Warmind season in fairly a very long time now. It’d additionally current an ideal alternative to remodel the Warmind cells mods, however hey, possibly that is simply wishful pondering? 

New dungeon

(Picture credit score: Bungie)

Season 19 additionally sees a model new dungeon added to the game, and identical to Duality, it is set to reach on the Friday after launch, December 9. We do not actually know something about it immediately, however it ought to function some distinctive and probably craftable weapons. It could even have an unique, as with Heartshadow in Duality, however since most different dungeons do not, that is on no account assured. 

The Crucible is getting an overhaul

(Picture credit score: Bungie)

In a TWAB not so way back, Bungie outlined the adjustments it is bringing to the Crucible in season 19, primarily centred round streamlining the playlist construction, and funnelling extra gamers into its less-frequented game modes. Here is what might be obtainable on the Crucible vacation spot within the new season:

  • Quickplay 6v6: This playlist consists of Conflict and Management with skill-based matchmaking
  • Weekly Rotator 6v6: Cycles weekly between Momentum Management, Mayhem, Group Scorched, Rift, and Rumble. Makes use of connection-based matchmaking
  • Aggressive Division/Freelance 3v3: This playlist randomly picks from Survival, Rift, or Showdown, and makes use of skill-based matchmaking
  • Crucible Labs: In season 19, Labs might be a model of 3v3 Rift with asymmetrical maps. This mode makes use of connection-based matchmaking and has a 25% popularity booster
  • Personal match: It will keep because it was, letting you play in opposition to your mates in particular game modes
  • Iron Banner: When Iron Banner is energetic it is going to substitute the Quickplay node. This mode will use skill-based matchmaking in season 19, and can function a brand new mode referred to as Fortress
  • Trials of Osiris: When Trials is energetic it is going to substitute Crucible Labs. As ever, Trials will use its ticket-based matchmaking system

You will additionally be capable of earn the brand new ‘Superb’ Crucible title by finishing triumphs, and focus your Crucible engrams into particular weapons or armour items. Here is what you’ll focus in season 19: 

  • Clutch Extol armor set
  • Stars in Shadow (pulse rifle)
  • The Keening (sidearm)
  • Frozen Orbit (sniper rifle)
  • Survivor’s Epitaph (hand cannon)
  • Sorrow’s Verse (auto rifle) 
  • Disaster Inverted (hand cannon)
  • Riptide (fusion rifle)
  • Out of Bounds (submachine gun)

New Iron Banner mode and armor units

(Picture credit score: Bungie)

The Eruption mode is gone, making method for Fortress in season 19. It is a mode all about capturing and holding territory that sounds fairly harking back to Zone Management. Apparently Caiatl is one way or the other concerned within the mode as effectively, and judging from the launched screens, you may summon Cabal turrets. Fortress arrives on January 3, 2023, and also will carry with it some new Iron Banner armor units which are truly fan favourites again from the time of the Taken King. That wolf head cloak is very swish. 

Twenty six unique weapons are getting up to date

(Picture credit score: Bungie)

Just like final season’s buff to Want Ender and Le Monarque, giving them intrinsic anti-barrier and anti-overload respectively, Bungie are bringing updates to much more unique weapons in season 19. Some weapons, like Lord of Wolves, are receiving substantial updates, whereas others like Legend of Acrius are solely getting minor tweaks. Maybe most main of all: Divinity’s weaken impact is being lowered from 30% to fifteen%, which may have a major impression on boss DPS stratgies in most Future 2 raids. 

A lot of subclass nerfs and buffs

(Picture credit score: Bungie)

Among the subclass nerfs, like Titan storm grenades, may have been anticipated, however there are stunning buffs coming in season 19, too. Here is a shorter abstract of the large adjustments from the TWAB put up:


  • The therapeutic price for Restoration is being lowered
  • The length of Radiant is being lowered
  • Blade Barrage’s variety of projectiles is being nerfed
  • Storm Grenades roaming length is decreased


  • Nova Bomb: Vortex will move quicker and pull extra stuff in
  • Shadowshot: Deadfall will final considerably longer 
  • Ballistic Slam, Tempest Strike, Ball Lightning, and Chain Lightning will deal extra injury in PvE
  • Arc Souls will deal nearly double injury now
  • Chaos Attain will get a shorter cooldown
  • Gradual debuff is elevated by 10%

You’ll be able to craft Deep Stone Crypt raid weapons

(Picture credit score: Bungie)

As with Vow of the Disciple and King’s Fall, the Deep Stone Crypt raid is retrospectively getting craftable weapons. Whereas we do not know precisely what perk combos every will obtain, listed below are a couple of enjoyable ones that Bungie highlighted: 

  • Heritage (slug shotgun): Reconstruction + Targeted Fury  
  • Posterity (hand cannon): Voltshot + Rampage  
  • Trustee (scout rifle): Fast Hit + Incandescent 

All Deep Stone Crypt weapons can even obtain the Bray Inheritance origin trait. Since there is not any deepsight weapon chest in Deep Stone Crypt, you will need to buy a weekly crimson border from the ultimate boss chest to unlock these, so ensure you save your spoils of conquest.

Say goodbye to those weapons

(Picture credit score: Bungie)

As ever, some weapons are leaving Future 2 on the finish of season 18. Here is what they’re:

  • Forge’s Pledge (Iron Banner pulse rifle)
  • Riiswalker (Iron Banner shotgun)
  • Aisha’s Embrace (Trials of Osiris scout rifle)
  • Reed’s Remorse (Trials of Osiris linear fusion rifle)
  • Silicon Neuroma (Dusk sniper rifle)
  • Responsibility Sure (Dusk auto rifle)

Whilst you’re out of luck for getting the Iron Banner weapons earlier than the top of the season, Responsibility Sure is the dusk weapon this week, and you continue to have this weekend to play Trials of Osiris if you wish to seize a Reed’s Remorse or Aisha’s Embrace.

Additionally Vacation spot Supplies

(Picture credit score: Bungie)

It has been a very long time coming, however from season 19 onwards, you will now not be capable of get Dusklight Shards, Microphasic Datalattice, Helium Filaments, Baryon Boughs, Spinmetal Leaves, or Glacial Starwort from Future 2’s locations. Earlier than you panic, Grasp Rahool will nonetheless commerce these supplies for glimmer in season 19, simply at a a lot lowered price. 

Now you will have to provide Darkish Fragments, Phantasmal Fragments, and Herealways Items to Rahool if you would like glimmer, or earn it from public occasions, that are being buffed when it comes to how a lot they provide. Heroic public occasions will earn you between 10,000 and 12,500 glimmer, whereas common ones will internet 3,300 to 4,645.