Destiny 2 is once again closing out the year with the Dawning Event. In the true holiday spirit, guardians will have to take down enemies in hopes they drop ingredients to bake cookies. You can then give those cookies to NPCs to earn seasonal loot. However, getting the right ingredients for each cookie is no easy task. That’s because each ingredient requires you to take down certain enemies, in a specific way. So, if you want to know how to get the Personal Touch ingredient to drop, read on to find out.

How to Get Personal Touch in Destiny 2

To get the Personal Touch ingredient in Destiny 2, you need to get kills with melee abilities. You need kills with melee abilities specifically, not melee attacks. Any type of enemy you kill with melee ability will have a chance to drop Personal Touch. However, with that said, the drop rate is still relatively low. As a result, you’ll likely have to slay a lot of enemies before you get your first drop of the ingredient.

The Personal Touch ingredient is needed to make the Dawning recipes, Lavender Ribbon Cookies, and Eliksni Birdseed. Both of these appear fairly early on in the Dawning event quest. For the Lavender Ribbon Cookie, you’ll need one Personal Touch and Vex Milk. Vex Milk you can get as a drop by killing Vex. Eliksni Birdseed on the other hand requires one Personal Touch and Ether Cane. The latter here you get by taking down Fallen.

Once you have all the ingredients for both cookies and some Dawning essence, you can bake the cookies in Eva’s Holiday Oven. You can then give the Lavender Ribbon Cookie to NPC, Saint-14, and the Eliksni Birdseed to NPC, Suraya Hawthorne. Then you’ll be able to advance to the next part of the quest, embarking on more ingredients, cookies, and rewards for your baking efforts.

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