Since the initial launch of Destiny 2, Rocket Launchers have been a fan-favorite weapon for Guardians. However, the kingpin of that weapon class is none other than the Hothead. This Arc weapon has an Adaptive Frame and can come with some perks that truly make it unstoppable. But, that’s only if you happen to get a roll with all of the best perks possible, called a god roll. Regardless, read on because we’ll show you how to obtain the Hothead Rocket Launcher and how to maximize your chances of landing a god roll for it.

How to Get the Hothead Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2

The Hothead Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2 is a drop you’ll get from completing Nightfalls. However, you can only get the weapon if it is available as the drop reward for that week. The drop rewards rotate every week, on Tuesday. So, if the Hothead isn’t in the rotation of drops for that week, don’t bother completing a Nightfall mission. Otherwise, you’ll get drops you possibly aren’t in need of, which could be a waste of time.

If you’re looking to get a god roll of this rocket launcher, you’ll want to run Nightfall missions on the highest difficulty possible. That being, Legend, Master, and the highest of all, Grandmaster. The higher the difficulty, the higher the chances of receiving a Hothead equipped with all the best perks for it.

Though you can obtain the Hothead Rocket Launcher by completing Nightfalls at any difficulty level, we recommend Grandmaster if you can handle it. That’s because if you complete Nightfalls on Grandmaster, you might get the Hothead Adept version. This allows you to use Adept weapon mods on it, in addition to the regular perks the standard Hothead benefits from. Essentially, giving you more customization with how you want to use this weapon.

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