Anybody who’s caught one of many new Future 2 Unique fish within the final couple of weeks is perhaps somewhat confused. If you go to dunk your catch within the HELM aquarium, you obtain a Damaged Blade merchandise that does not seem in your stock, however as with all mysterious Future 2 objects, it does have a hidden use.

If you have not ventured again to Neomuna but this season, you would possibly wish to seize your free Epochal Integration, or if you have not bought the brand new seasonal Exotics, understanding the misplaced sector rotation is useful. This is learn how to use every Future 2 Damaged Blade and catch the Unique fish that provide you with them.

catch Unique fish

Destiny 2 Broken Blade from handing in Exotic fish

Handing in one of many distinctive Unique fish will get you a Damaged Blade (Picture credit score: Bungie)

The Kheprian Axehead is the one Unique fish you’ll be able to catch in any respect three of the Future 2 fishing spots, however now the game is including new Unique fish for every vacation spot alongside the fishing rally quests. Since fishing spots rotate weekly—with just one being labelled as ‘Unique’ on the map—it is possible you will have a greater probability buying an Unique fish at these spots. That mentioned, the weekly Unique fishing spot and the fishing rally do not all the time appear to be in the identical place.

If you dunk your new Unique fish into the aquarium for the primary time, you additionally get a Damaged Blade, which I will clarify what to do with within the subsequent part. For now, this is every Unique fish with its vacation spot, plus the blade it drops:

The final entry is for the ultimate Unique fish that must be launched alongside subsequent week’s fishing rally. Now, let’s get all the way down to these blades. 

Damaged Blade of Strife

Destiny 2 Broken Blade statue in Twlight Depth

The primary statue is true by where the Twlight Plant is (Picture credit score: Bungie)

Every Damaged Blade is used to activate one of many three Hive Statues hidden within the new seasonal Deep Dive exercise. Doing so offers you somewhat dialogue from Xivu Arath and lights the statue up. The statue where it’s worthwhile to use the Damaged Blade of Strife is positioned within the preliminary Twilight depth of the Deep Dive. Drop off the walkway into the underwater caves, however as an alternative of dropping down once more, go straight forward, then left, then right, and crouch by way of a small hole. The statue is simply down a drop to your right. By the way, that is right subsequent to where you discover the Twilight Plant for the Aquarium Vivarium secret triumph.

Damaged Blade of Ambition

Picture 1 of two

Destiny 2 Broken Blade room doorway

The hatch that opens after the primary encounter is full (Picture credit score: Bungie)
Picture 2 of two

Destiny 2 Broken Blade statue in first encounter

Activate the statue contained in the room (Picture credit score: Bungie)

The subsequent statue is positioned within the room with the first encounter of the Deep Dive, although you’ll be able to’t get to the statue until you full the problem itself. I am fairly certain you additionally need to beat the problem, too, in any other case you will be teleported out of the world to the ultimate boss. When standing by the portal, flip left, and head over to that aspect of the large open space to discover a raised platform with an open door, and a hive statue inside you’ll be able to activate.

The ultimate statue is positioned within the Midnight depth underwater part instantly after this. When you flip off the large fan and drop down by way of it, drop down once more, after which hug the left wall to discover a ledge with the statue tucked away. After all, the ultimate Unique fish and Damaged Blade will not seem till subsequent week, so we’ll have to attend and see what occurs when all three are activated directly. Both means, I will make certain to update this guide with the data.