Rocket Launchers have always been a go-to choice for PvE in Destiny 2. Evidently, the splash damage of these powerful weapons makes them great for dealing with swarms or bosses. The Bump in the Night is a rocket launcher that many guardians sought out during Season of the Haunted. However, it’s been a while since that season, and after Lightfall’s release, many players are now curious if it is still in the game. We have the answer to that question just below, so read on to find out!

Is Bump in the Night Still Available in Destiny 2?

After Lightfall, it is unknown if Bump in the Night is still in the game or not. This is due to the fact that there is currently no confirmed way to obtain the weapon. However, some players have reported getting the rocket launcher from everyone’s favorite vendor, Xur. At the same time, there’s a fair share of nay-sayers. Nonetheless, Xur appears in a new location every week, bringing a new set of exotics with him. Some of these can even be old exotics from previous seasons.

As a result, there’s still the possibility Bump in the Night will pop up in Xur’s store, and thusly, is still in the game. That also goes for the merchant, Banshee. But, that all depends on whether or not Bump in the Night is in the current loot pools. So, with that being said, we can confidently say that Bump in the Night will still be in the game at some point, but we can’t exactly say when. The best thing you can do is visit Xur and Banshee’s store every week to see if it comes available.

So, if you didn’t get this exotic rocket launcher during Season of the Haunted, don’t worry because you didn’t completely miss out. As with any new expansion, the new loot, weapons, and armor take over and become the focus of everyone’s attention. Then, as the dust settles, weapons from previous seasons begin to reappear in the game. So, Bump in the Night is most likely still in the game; it’s just a matter of time before you can get it from the vendors.

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