How to defeat Chrysaloid in Outriders
How to defeat Chrysaloid in Outriders

The Outriders Chrysaloid boss battle is one of the toughest battles among the People Can Fly looter shooters. This terrible beast adjacent to the shark appeared in the forest enclave, which was a relatively early period in the Battle of the Outriders. If you want to revisit this tough battle, the specific node to choose from in the “Forest Enclave” story is the “Tracking Crystal”.

In the first stage, the crystal shot a beam of light from its mouth, sweeping across the battlefield. Dodge behind a rock in front of you, but remember that if the witch hazel damages you, the cover will eventually break. At this stage, the only other type of attack is the effective range of claw strikes or falling rocks, which are obviously carefully choreographed. If you find that the red circle is about to appear, quickly retreat to avoid it.

Now, take out the monster full of bullets, pay special attention to its yellow eyes and mouth, to destroy its first health bar. You need to use a weapon with adequate range here: Given the distance between you and your boss, the shotgun is particularly useless, so pack your assault or assault rifle to get Chrysaloid to work for a short time.

Once Shark Beast takes you to the scene and enters the next stage, refill the ammo with the box behind and prepare for more operations. The Chrysaloid attack is very similar to the first stage, so please follow the plan and be patient. There have been constant spitting attacks on the ground and a large number of stone slings. Just make sure to avoid the red circles and red bars. Also target the wound hanging from the lower jaw to cause additional damage from weakness.

The only attack you need to worry about in the second stage is pulling back the jaw and summoning a triple Strix bug, which can poison you. Poisons will definitely melt your health, so get rid of them ASAP. Interrupt capabilities come in handy here to prevent them from doing more damage over time. As a team, communicate and focus on one Strix at a time to limit the damage they can cause to a team.

The main problem in this battle is the distance between you and the boss and lack of weak critters for HP-leeching. As a result, the Technomancer’s healing ability and long-range turret are lifesavers. All other classes should try to equip weapons and gear with mods to increase the steal characteristics of abilities and weapon damage. This means that even if you only shoot from a long distance, you can regain your health, simply by shooting Chrysaloidor dealing damage to it.

Once the Chrysaloid is defeated, some items will spill out of it. The rarity of these items is random, but anecdotally, their rarity usually seems to be at least epic, so if you want to potentially grow the Outriders’ legendary weapons, it seems like multiple races make good bosses.