New World
New World

New World is a MMORPG game in which a ship sinks on an island and you explore the island, while joining different factions and participating in wars. In games like these weapons and armor play a vital part. Golden Rage Armor is one of the exclusive armor in New World which you can get for free.

Golden Rage Armor is a Twitch exclusive item. To get these, you must first go to this page. You must now be signed in with your Twitch account. Then connect your Twitch and Steam accounts.

Enable the New World Twitch Drops option. Watch all of the New World broadcasts on Twitch to receive the Golden Rage Armor in Drops.

To get the armor you need to enter the game and go to the inventory area. Here you will see the Golden Rage Armor option. Just pick a skin and apply it on your character. Congratulations for the new armor set.

Free New World Golden Rage Armor redeem and claim guide

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