The Fortnite vending machine has returned from the vault this season. Their are now two types of machines: Weapon-O-Matics that sell weapons and Mending Machines that sell healing items to restore HP or shields. These can provide you with useful upgrades when you need them, as long as you have Fortnite gold bars to use, but they will also appear in certain missions.

Weapon-O-Matic and Mending Machine location
Source: Epic Games

If you want to know where to find the location of Fortnite vending machines, you have come to the right place because we have marked them all on the map above. There are 29 Weapon-O-Matics that can be used to purchase new weapons, which are fairly evenly distributed across the island, and 12 Mending machines provide health items found near the Fortnite gas pumps at fuel stations.

You can spot them when you get closer, because a gold bar in a sack icon visible through the wall to highlight where to go. Keep in mind that it is possible to destroy the Fortnite vending machine, so if you reach the marked location and it is not there, someone may have taken it out.

To shop on Fortnite vending machines, all you need to do is walk to one and follow the prompts to interact with it. Then, you can use the scroll wheel to scroll through the item you need, and select the purchase option. Your items will be taken out of the machine in front of you for pick-up for the gold bars.

Malfunctioning Vending Machines

If you find a vending machine that is malfunctioning you can choose to “roll the dice” and get a random item for 100 gold bars. It may be an amazing thing, or it may be a common item based on your luck.