In Fortnite there are a total of eight satellite stations around the island, and you should be able to spot them when you get near due to their huge dishes with sparkling red lights at the tip. Their respective positions are as follows:

Fortnite Satellite Stations locations
Source: Epic
  1. Discovery Dish – west of Believer Beach
  2. Dampy Dish – southwest of Slurpy Swamp
  3. Deep Woods Dish- inside Stealthy Stronghold
  4. Defiant Dish – east of Weeping Woods
  5. Destined Dish – southeast of Misty Meadows
  6. Corny Complex –  Underground Base
  7. Dinky Dish – southeast of Craggy Cliffs
  8. Dockside Dish – west of Dirty Docks.

Fortnite satellite stations allow organizations to monitor for strange salien activity around them. A useful place for completing your weekly missions, whether you’re using or repairing I/O equipment. There are also special chests that often contain high-level loot. Many stations have Fortnite characters you can encounter, but they are well protected, so arm yourself before infiltrating or use stealth. These satellite stations also have equipment and body scanners inside to help with your quests.