This article was initially revealed on April 14, 2022, however has been up to date with a brand new trailer and hyperlinks.

Kicking enemies is nice. Kicking down doorways? Also nice. Using that math, kicking down doorways so exhausting they fly into enemies is doublegreat. FPS Anger Foot is filled with doorways and enemies, and all it’s a must to do is kick one into the opposite. 

Anger Foot has been round for some time, the product of a 2020 game jam problem to create a first-person game in seven days, which was adopted by a correct alpha in 2021. For the previous 12 months it has been commonly up to date with new ranges, enemies, weapons, props, and music tracks—plus loads of new footwear for all of the kicking you may be doing. And a brand new trailer arrived at Devolver Digital’s not-E3 presentation at the moment, which you’ll be able to watch above.

I dove in for the primary time at the moment, and it jogs my memory a whole lot of Hotline Miami, solely it is in first-person. Its ranges are full of armed gang members (anthropomorphic animals like crocodiles and crows) able to swarm you the second you kick your manner by means of the entrance door. Most objects are breakable, from bogs to lighting fixtures to furnishings, so by the point you’ve got kicked your manner by means of the extent all the place is an absolute shambles, splattered with blood and affected by particles. (Gangs usually have exploding barrels of their hideouts, right?) Levels are timed so as soon as you’ve got kicked your manner by means of one you possibly can run it once more to see in the event you can beat your personal file.

The kicking is just glorious. I’ve ready a montage for you:

You need not rely solely (haha) in your ft. There are weapons, too: pistols, shotguns, and uzis, and you will most likely want them in some unspecified time in the future as a result of nearly as good as you’re at kicking, it solely takes one bonk from an enemy bat or a few bullets to place you down. There’s no reloading your weapons—when your gun is empty, you may need to seize one other off a useless man. (You can chuck your empty gun at dudes to briefly stun them). But it is enjoyable seeing in the event you can simply kick your manner by means of whole ranges with out ever pulling a set off, plus doing a “feet only” run rewards you with trophies, which allow you to unlock new footwear. 

I unlocked a pair of recent footwear that give me further ammo after I kick somebody to demise, however I want the footwear that give all my kicks further energy. I even have some sneakers that allow me cost up an additional highly effective kick, and it is hilarious. I principally develop into Superman with a foot:

It’s all very brutal, bloody, foolish, and utterly foot-oriented. At one level I got here throughout a heavy metal door I could not kick down. Next to it was a steel valve wheel that clearly wanted to be turned to open the door. At first, I could not determine easy methods to flip it. Then I noticed, like all issues, it may very well be solved with a kick.

Adding to the ambiance is the bangin’ soundtrack, which supplies boring techno thuds always, such as you’re standing exterior a nightclub. But the beats ramp up right into a full blown techno rave anytime there’s motion. As an added bonus, when your enemies kill you, they dance to the beat, and so they dance fairly nicely.

Anger Foot is pure foolish over-the-top violence with killer beats for killer feets. It’s particularly glorious in the event you’re in a crummy temper and simply wish to kick your manner by means of a constructing stuffed with animal gangsters, leaving a path of shattered doorways and bloodied our bodies in your wake. You can seize the newest construct right here on for a mere “name your own price” or attempt the free demo on Steam.