You have to cross a river, however there is a hole within the bridge you are standing on. What do you do? In puzzle game Paper Trail, the world is drawn on foldable paper, so that you seize the nook of the web page and fold it over. And would not you recognize it, on the opposite facet of the paper there is a size of bridge that completely fills that hole. You simply folded the world and solved a puzzle, and now you possibly can cross the bridge, unfold the web page, and keep on along with your journey.

Plenty of video games have storybook appears, however Paper Trail takes it a step additional by letting you manipulate the world itself by bending, folding, or tearing its pages. It’s a novel method to puzzle-solving which is helped by genuinely lovely watercolor art work and an absorbing and haunting soundtrack. Check out the brand new Paper Trail teaser above, proven at Wholesome Games direct as we speak.

You play Paper Trail because the aptly-named Paige, the primary particular person from her village to ever be invited to attend college, however first she has to get there by mastering her folding powers alongside the best way. On your journey by means of the intriguing foldable world you will meet quirky characters, every with their very own story, and clear up step by step extra advanced puzzles which embrace different techniques like rotating the world’s pages, moving and pushing objects, and shining lights into darkish locations.

There’s a brand new demo of Paper Trail on Steam, however it’s solely accessible for the weekend so that you’d higher get moving. The full game is deliberate for early 2023.