Find out how to Set Traps in Live A Live
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A basic setting of untamed west motion pictures is a small, frontier city menaced by a big group of bloodthirsty bandits, with solely a few employed weapons defending them. In such a state of affairs, you have to use each soiled trick within the guide to tilt the percentages in your favor. That’s precisely the state of affairs you end up in Live A Live’s Wild West chapter. Here’s set traps in Live A Live.

In the Wild West chapter of Live A Live, after The Sundown Kid and Mad Dog snipe two members of the Crazy Bunch, the Sheriff warns that the remainder of the gang will arrive at daybreak to take revenge. This means you solely have treasured little time to arrange some traps to whittle down their numbers and make the ultimate battle somewhat simpler on your self. This is a little bit of an intimidating phase, but it surely’s really quite simple if you understand what you’re doing. That mentioned, you must undoubtedly save your game when the phase begins as Mad Dog suggests.

So right here’s the plan: you have to try the varied buildings within the city of Success to source objects that can be utilized to arrange traps. You then want to present this stuff to the townsfolk within the Crystal Saloon to allow them to go get the traps prepared. All of that is happening in actual time, indicated by the bell meter within the top-right nook of the display. You have about eight minutes to get the entire stuff you want and arrange the traps, although the timer does pause throughout display transitions and if you’re in dialogue.

The very first thing you must do is test across the Saloon, in addition to a couple of buildings on the town, to get some supplies, then return to the Saloon and discuss to the Sheriff to get the traps going. Every townsperson takes a distinct period of time to arrange a entice; most of them are typically the identical, although the slowest one is the green-haired man, Cesar. Give him the primary entice ASAP so he has time to complete it. Afterward, maintain going out and checking buildings you haven’t been to but (test for gray icons on the minimap) to get extra supplies and return to the Saloon.

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Most of the entice objects you discover will likely be fairly easy and will be assigned to anybody within the Saloon, with a couple of exceptions:

  • Talk to the kid, Billy, to get his Slingshot. Immediately assign that Slingshot again to him.
  • Find the Frying Pan within the second constructing from the fitting of the underside line of buildings and assign it to Annie, the blonde woman.
  • Don’t assign something to the mariachi with the maracas, Delos, as his completion time is totally random.
  • In the Inn, second constructing from the left on the underside line, there’s a door obscured by the staircase on the bottom ground. Check inside it for a Rope.
  • The Horse Poop entice can solely be arrange if another person has already arrange the Shovel entice.
  • If you want extra time, arrange a entice with the Coal Tar, discovered within the first constructing from the left on the highest line. It’ll provide you with two additional minutes of prep time.

Here’s the total record of traps you possibly can have a townsperson arrange:

  • Dynamite
  • Rope
  • Shovel
  • Carrot
  • Bottled Fire (Mad Dog will make this for you every time you’ve got an Empty Bottle and Oil)
  • Horse Poop
  • Barkeeper’s Beloved Poster
Find out how to Set Traps in Live A Live
Image through Nintendo/Square Enix

You ought to have greater than sufficient time to get each doable entice arrange. When the eighth bell rings, the Crazy Bunch will experience into city, however should you handle to arrange each entice, the entire troopers needs to be utterly worn out, leaving their chief, O. Dio, on their lonesome to tackle The Sundown Kid and Mad Dog. In the occasion you miss a entice or run out of time, O. Dio will likely be joined by no matter troopers survived in fight, making the encounter somewhat tougher. Fair warning, should you don’t set any traps in any respect and all of O. Dio’s males be part of him, you’ll be in for one of many hardest encounters within the game. So, y’know, perhaps don’t try this.