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How to Get the Magnifying Glass in Stardew Valley


How to Get the Magnifying Glass in Stardew Valley

On: July 1, 2023

One of the most important items you will need to find in Stardew Valley is the Magnifying Glass. The Magnifying Glass is essential for finding all of the game’s Secret Notes, which provide more backstory for players to seek, as well as locating items like the Strange Doll. 

There’s without a doubt that this item should in your inventory. By unlocking Secret Notes, you’re at the pleasure of acquiring additional goodies. Here’s how to get the Stardew Valley Magnifying Glass so you can start finding Secret Notes.

How to Get the Magnifying Glass

To get the Magnifying Glass in Stardew Valley, you need to complete the quest known as A Winter Mystery. Once you’ve completed this quest, you’ll have access to the incredible object and the ability to find Secret Notes.

The A Winter Mystery quest can only be triggered during the Winter season. It requires you to enter the bus stop near the farm between 6 am and 4 pm. From there, the quest opens with a shadowy, suspicious figure by the bus stop. 

However, it runs away after you see it, and you must give chase. Head to the community center in Pelican Town and look for a bush to the left next to the playground. If you interact with this bush, you will trigger another cutscene with the Shadow Guy. This shady villager will apologize for stealing and will then give you the Magnifying Glass. This will put the aforementioned Winter quest to rest.

Who is the Shadow Guy?

The cutscenes that pop out with the mysterious shadowy villager will label him as Shadow Guy. He is another villager in Stardew Valley, and many believe that is in fact Krobus. This assumption is made to his character design: a consistent shadow, as if they were a walking ghost. But a friendly one at that since he can be a potential roommate if you vibe with him.

Krobus is also responsible for completing the Dark Talisman quest, which paves the way for the Mutant Bug Lair. Krobus hangs out in the Sewers, is definitely one of the more intriguing characters due to their sneaky presence and introverted personality.

What to Do with the Magnifying Glass

Once you have the item in question, you can start finding Secret Notes throughout Stardew Valley. These Secret Notes come with lots of different information, including details about your neighbors and tips leading the way to treasure. All these Secret Notes are generated at random, so if you’re struggling to find any particular one, check out our guide to all Secret Note messages.

In short, these notes will be provided as you continuously play the game and complete objectives. They can come in the form of any activity: catching fish, slaying monsters, digging through dirt, mining rocks, and chopping away trees.

Once you get your first Secret Note, access the top row of your inventory and interact with the quest bag icon. This is where all of the collected notes will be, and each one offers different rewards for you, the player.

Completing the A Winter Mystery quest is the only way to get the Magnifying Glass in Stardew Valley. It’s not all that difficult, but it could be easy to miss if you have a busy Winter. Here’s hoping this guide has helped you progress and you’re on your way to those secrets.

Expert Tip

There are a total of 25 Secret Notes that you can collect after obtaining the Magnifying Glass. It helps to seek out new activities if you’re having some trouble finding the notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you lose the Magnifying Glass?

You can’t lose the Magnifying Glass. It goes into your character’s wallet, sitting alongside other essential story items. To find it, look under the Skills tab for your character.

How do you exactly use the Magnifying Glass?

As long as you have the Magnifying Glass in your possession, it will be used automatically to reveal Secret Notes.