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How to Get the Hunter Lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor


How to Get the Hunter Lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor

On: May 7, 2023

The long-awaited sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has finally come around! Star Wars Jedi: Survivor brings Cal back to the front of combat, much to his chagrin. The galaxy might not wait for him to shake off his rust, but… Surely it can wait for him to get some cosmetics for his lightsaber! The Hunter Lightsaber customization is a relatively simplistic design for Cal’s weapon, taking inspiration from the animals of the Gorge. This guide will explain how collect it, both for the achievement and because it looks so cool!

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Hunter Lightsaber Location in Jedi: Survivor

The Hunter Lightsaber cosmetic is located on the Jedi: Survivor planet of Koboh, within the Winding Ravine. In order to unlock this cosmetic, you will need to first unlock the ability to Glide during the Forest Array mission. You will also need to re-familiarize yourself with the “Focus” ability in order to adjust the Friendly Creature to your liking.

Before you head off on your cosmetic-collecting adventure, you can start a Rumor that will mark the Hunter Lightsaber’s starting point for you. Head to the Pyloon’s Saloon (where you use the Mysterious Keycode) meditation point and talk to the Prospector outside of the bar. They’ll tell you to “Find the Gorge’s Secret,” which will put a rumor marker on your map.

Start by the Southern Reach Meditation point, sitting atop a large cliff near the Friendly Creature. Use your Focus button (CTRL or Right Bumper by default) to convince him to lower his beard for you. Climb across those whiskers to the next ledge and follow the ravine. After a wall-run in a cave and a few more wall runs outside, swing on the rope and head through the small battle arena. Fly on the bird right after through the rocky gorge to get the chest you’re after! As long as you fly straight ahead towards the ledge under the serrated cliff face, you’ll be in the right area to find your chest. Just keep heading forwards!

Jedi: Survivor is full of planets with optional objectives.

As with all Lightsaber components, the Hunter set does not do anything to affect your statistics. The gear is fully cosmetic, so you’re not missing out on numerical upgrades if you decide not to go for it. However, giving your lightsaber actual teeth might be a little bit too cool to pass up! That’s fairly unique for a lightsaber among Star Wars games.

How to Equip the Hunter Lightsaber Set in Jedi: Survivor

As with all lightsaber cosmetics in the game, the Hunter Lightsaber components can be equipped to Cal’s weapon of choice via the workbench. You can always head back to the Mantis to affix your lightsaber with the newest cosmetics, or adjust your stances as you need. To equip the Hunter skin, simply go to the “Lightsaber” tab and select “Components.”

While there are several Workbenches across Jedi: Survivor, you will almost certainly spend most of your time on the Workbench in your ship. Since it is easier to teleport to this ship than memorize every workbench on every map, you’ll want to just head here whenever possible.

The Hunter Lightsaber set does not adjust the Blade or Materials of your weapon: Just the components. Since you have nine different slots to fill in, feel free to mix and match Lightsaber skins to fit your own personal style.

Despite usually only needing the Mantis workbench, you will need to use the Workbench to upgrade your gear as well. It is far from a fancy wardrobe! Keep your other tabs in mind while you’re outfitting your Hunter lightsaber, since you might have a few upgrades to collect.

When Can You Get the Hunter Lightsaber?

You won’t need too many additional abilities to get it. As soon as you finish up Kodoh – and can once again freely fly the Mantis – you can head back and investigate the rumor. You just need to unlock the ability to Glide and you’re set!

Do You Have to Equip All Hunter Lightsaber Components at Once?

No. The Hunter Lightsaber comes in nine separate components. There are no benefits or penalties for equipping only a few pieces.

Do You Have to Start the “Find the Gorge’s Secret” Rumor to Get the Hunter Lightsaber?

From what we were able to gather, you technically do not need to start the rumor to get the lightsaber. However, the rumor marks the chest on the map, making the final gliding section much easier. It is highly recommended to start the rumor before going for the skin.

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