This step-by-step guide will show you the way do embalm a physique very quickly

The mortuary assistant in-game screenshot of embalming room
Image through DarkStone Digital

The Mortuary Assistant is an exciting first-person horror that locations you within the sneakers of Rebecca Owens, the brand new apprentice at River Fields Mortuary. Throughout the game gamers will face demonic banishments, creepy puzzles and even extremely detailed mortician duties. Not the least of which incorporates embalming our bodies.

In this guide, we’ll break down the whole lot you might want to learn about how you can embalm a physique in The Mortuary Assistant.

As an apprentice, a part of incomes your diploma in mortuary sciences includes understanding how you can handle and look after the deceased. When it involves the embalming course of, the in-game tutorial does a implausible job of explaining this.

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However, to simplify issues we’ve damaged it down into the next 10 steps:

  1. Remove the physique from the freezer – Pick from one of many three lifeless our bodies within the freezer. Keep in thoughts that the place can change from shift to shift.
  2. Inspect the physique for marks – Similar to the tutorial besides you have to alter the highest entry for every extra physique you examine.
  3. Wire jaw shut and enter eye caps – Next, shut the wired jaw with a needle injector and set the needles. Then insert eye caps to preserve the eyes closed. Both the caps and the needle injector are within the cupboard subsequent to the desk.
  4. Mix embalming fluid in pump Mix Glutaraldehyde, Methanol, Humectant, Formaldehyde, and Reagent right into a pump. They are unfold out in numerous closets and cabinets across the embalming room.
  5. Make an incision with the scalpel – Taking a scalpel from the identical cupboard as the attention caps, make an incision within the carotid artery and the jugular vein.
  6. Connect embalming pump and let the physique drain – Grab forceps from the identical cupboard and tubing from beneath the moisturizing wipes. Use the forceps to clamp tubing to each veins and fix the embalming pump. Then have interaction the pump and permit the physique to empty, like within the tutorial.
  7. Turn off the pump – Remove the tubes, flip off the embalming pump after which shut the incision. As proven within the tutorial.
  8. Insert a trocar into the belly cavity – Fill an empty IV reservoir bag with cavity fluid and insert a trocar into the belly cavity. The empty IV reservoir bag is in the identical cupboard because the glutaraldehyde. While the trocar is in the identical cupboard as the attention caps.
  9. Pour tank cleaner into the embalming pump – Mix cleaners from the toilet closet to create tank cleaner. Then pour the tank cleaner into the embalming pump. As proven within the tutorial.
  10. Apply moisturizer and return the physique – Finally, apply moisturizer to the face after which return the physique to the freezer. The moisturizer might be discovered subsequent to the humectant that’s sitting on the counter.

That’s the whole lot you might want to learn about how you can embalm a physique in The Mortuary Assistant. If you’re keen on extra The Mortuary Assistant content material, make sure to take a look at our guides part right here at Gamer Journalist. Where you’ll find info like how you can establish a demon in The Mortuary Assistant or all achievements in The Mortuary Assistant.