Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360 exclusive) screenshot
Image via Epic Games

The Xbox 360 has evolved quite a bit from it’s humble beginnings back in 2005. While it’s no longer the console of choice for most gamers thanks to this new wave of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It’s still an impressive machine nonetheless.

It’s also home to a variety of classics that are exclusive to the Xbox 360 system. Such as the majority of Forza, Gears of War and Halo titles.

That being said, if you want your Xbox 360 to run smoother, quieter and more efficiently, then you’ll want to make sure you have the latest version.

Here’s how to identify a Jasper or Falcon Xbox 360.

The Falcon was released for Xbox 360 Premium and Elite consoles in September, 2007. It comes with an improved CPU cooler, an HDMI port as well as a 65nm CPU, an 80 nm GPU and an 80nm eDRAM. It also features a 175W power supply (12V rated 14.2A).

Whereas the Jasper was released in 2008, making it the most recent version of the Xbox 360. It too comes with an improved CPU cooler, an HDMI port as well as a 65 nm CPU, an 80nm GPU and an 80nm eDRAM. However, it also features a 256 MB internal flash memory and 150W power supply (12V rated 12.1A).

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So, then how can you identify a Jasper from a Falcon Xbox 360?

Here’s the quickest way to tell the difference;

  1. Find the hole cut-out on the top of the cardboard box for the Xbox 360 console or look on the lower left-hand corner of the Xbox 360 console for the serial label.
  2. Search for the amperage/voltage rating of the unit.
  3. If the amperage/voltage rating is 12.1, then this would indicate that it’s a Jasper. Although, if the amperage/voltage rating is 14.2, then this would indicate that it’s a Falcon.

Alternatively, if you see that your Xbox 360 has a power supply of 150W, then this almost guarantees that your console is a Jasper. Since the Falcon would have a 175W power supply.

That’s everything you need to know about how to identify a Jasper or Falcon Xbox 360. Be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist for more breakdowns of other popular gaming titles. Like how to fix Dying Light 2 co-op not working or how to beat Silver Beard field boss in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds.