Bringing a brand new vibe to the factory-building automation style, Techtonica’s neon alien caverns and synthwave soundtrack are a whole lot of enjoyable to discover and excavate in. Releasing simply this week on Steam and Game Cross, Fireplace Hose Video games’ debut launch is a first-person manufacturing facility game that follows within the footsteps of Factorio or Passable, however provides literal depth to the formulation by setting every little thing inside a community of subterranean caves on a wierd, rogue exoplanet.

The terrain is an enormous draw right here. Not solely are the caves actually stunning, however the house constraints and networks of tunnels are a pleasant twist on what you count on. Exploring the world round your manufacturing facility is sophisticated by the twisting nature of variously linked caverns. You’ve got received a crunchy drilling instrument to prospect for ore veins and enlarge tunnels, and that is a whole lot of the enjoyable. Ought to I repurpose one other chamber for this new a part of my meeting, or ought to I enlarge an current one? A 3D map, the echosketch, helps you wayfind the caverns as you discover.

Because it’s in Early Entry, the factory-building itself is not too detailed. That mentioned it has promise, with a complexity that makes use of Factorio’s inserter system alongside Passable’s first-person perspective. Determining where your conveyor belts ought to diverge and where they need to merge once more is as pleasant as you may want, and multi-stage productions typically have undesirable byproducts to reuse in different industrial processes—you gotta develop a whole lot of glowing flowers for gas, however what are you gonna do with all that salt?

There are additionally hints of a narrative that attracts from the sort of environmental exploration all of us cherished a lot in Subnautica. The game takes place on a rogue planet, Calyx, the topic of a human expedition to assemble sources. You are undecided why you have been woken up out of your sleep, solely that a whole lot of time has handed and the exploration services round you might be in profound decay. That is when the bizarre, alien stuff begins taking place.

Value noting once more that that is an Early Entry game, so the story is not completed and there is a whole lot of quality-of-life but to be added now that it has had contact with gamers. The early tiers have a considerably annoying energy system on your buildings, and there are a pair complexity jumps for many who have by no means performed an automation game—however it’s not too brutal to determine. 

You could find Techtonica on Microsoft and Steam. Its official site is