Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

Everyone knows that in Stardew Valley, agriculture comes first. However, there are other methods of obtaining large amounts of gold in Stardew Valley other than agriculture. These other methods of making gold are used more in winter because players can’t rely on their crops so much. However, they should not be ignored in other seasons. If farmers want to roll in cash, many of these activities are worth their free time.


Not all fish are suitable for sale, but some fish are certainly worth catching. Like, the legendary fish sell for thousands. Even if the fish itself is not sold for a lot of money, some dishes that use fish can be worth a lot of money. In fact, some of the best rewards in fishing are not even the fish themselves. While fishing, player has a chance to catch a treasure chest. These may have common elements, but some can also be very rare.

Mining for Precious Stones

The lower the player reaches the mine, the better the rewards. Keep it as low as possible and only destroy ore and gemstone rocks. Also, check the fortune teller on TV to check your luck. The higher the player’s luck, the better their discovery in the mine. To reach the lower floors, find the stairs as soon as possible and avoid fighting as much as possible. Bring plenty of food to keep the farmers’ energy high. The best floors are over 120.

Make bees work for you

The recipe for building a hive is unlocked at farming level 3. When placed outdoors, the hive will produce honey every three to four days in spring, summer, and autumn. However, the player’s efforts don’t stop there. Depending on the type of nectar produced by the honeycomb, the value of honey will increase from twice to four times. The unharvested flowers in the five tiles of the honeycomb will determine which honey you produce. The best of these flowers is fairy rose honey, priced at 680 gold coins.

Make gold with Kegs

Like beehives, Kegs can collect a lot of gold. The recipe for making Kegs will be unlocked at level 8. With kegs, players can make juice, wine, mead, pale ale, coffee, beer, and green tea. Players don’t even need crops, they can also use foraged goods. All fruits can be turned into wine, which is three times the original price of fruits. All vegetables can be squeezed, and the price is twice theirs. Honey from hives is used to make mead. With all these utilities, tons of players dedicate a large part of their farm to kegs.

Go for Quests

In Stardew Valley, Questsare easily forgotten, but some Quests may pay more gold coins than the usual value of the item. Check mail and community bulletin every day and complete certain tasks. Delivery quests gives the player three times the value of the item. Even if the player does not have the required items, there is no harm in completing the mission in the following seasons. Some more specific Quests from certain characters can reward players up to 1,000 gold coins.

Turn animal products into Artisan Goods

Animal products are not profitable by themselves. However, as artisan products, they can roll out a lot of gold. The conversion of animal products into handmade products requires a cheese press, loom, and a mayo machine. Turning all the eggs into mayo, wool into cloth, and milk into cheese will have a big impact on your bottom line. Obtaining high-quality products for these crafts will require players to make their animals as happy as possible. This means feeding them, petting them, and letting them go out to enjoy the sun and fresh grass.