An upcoming farming sim will happen in a magical world of spirits and monsters where you restore a deteriorating countryside inn and discover the city and area populated by folks, monsters, and extra.  The game plans to launch with cooperative play, and it will even have a neat-looking twist: By carrying historical masks, you need to use the ability of creatures and monsters—one instance is utilizing the rooting energy of a boar to until fields.

A part of the game will embrace exploring the encompassing countryside and additional venturing into the “divine realm, a maze brimming with intriguing puzzles.” Presumably you may clear up these with powers out of your magical masks, a few of which the developer hints at: “Rework right into a crow tengu and soar freely within the skies of Seikyu. Whether or not climbing cliffs effortlessly as a Dryad with vine powers, or diving deep as a Slime looking for hidden treasures, use your creativity to unravel puzzles in novel methods.”

Descriptions of the game contain all of the stuff you’d anticipate, like faming, constructing new amenities, and extra pastoral pursuits like chickens and cows, however others embrace ideas like making your revitalized dwelling into an opulent inn for monsters as soon as extra.

“We drew inspiration from varied mythologies and monsters from folktales all over the world. This led us to create a world that brings collectively Monsters, Youkai, and Gods. In Tales of Seikyu, a lot of the villagers are based mostly on Asian folktales, however additionally, you will encounter monsters from Western tales like vampires or minotaurs. Gamers can witness how these numerous creatures coexist, type societies, and even set up romantic relationships with them,” mentioned developer ACE Leisure in a FAQ.

That is fairly clear! Within the trailer, villagers comparable to a winged girl, an otter man, and a man who form of appears to be like like a mushroom show up. The winged girl is implied to be a attainable romantic associate for the participant.s

Tales of Seikyu will launch a Kickstarter on January 12, 2024. It additionally has a Steam web page where you’ll be able to be taught extra.