Urushi Rifle in Far Cry 6
Urushi Rifle in Far Cry 6

The Urushi Rifle is a Far Cry 6 exclusive, since it is ideal for both gamers that desire the advantages of stealth while also being able to engage in combat. Today we will tell you how to get your hands on this automatic weapon and about its perks.

The Urushi Rifle is found in the shipping yards yards in Esperanza, capital city. Head into the shipping yard, which you can enter easily. Then, on the eastern side of the shipyard, open the Yaran Contraband box, which will reward you with the Urushi Rifle.

For most players getting to the shipyard will be difficult so make sure that either your rank is high or you are good at stealth to enter it. This rifle is excellent for stealth however it can also handle itself in a combat owing to AP rounds and vampiric triada. Here are the list of perks for this rifle:

  • AP Rounds: Pierces helmets and body armor.
  • Laser Pointer: Better bullet spread
  • Large Cylindrical Suppressor: Almost silent, at the cost of range.
  • Fresh Clip: First bullet post-reload gains additional damage.