Far Cry 6 Bullseye Bow
Far Cry 6 Bullseye Bow

In Far Cry 6 you can fight enemies in either stealth or wild manner. For some loud noise and big actions rocket launchers are the go to. But for stealth option especially in longer ranges it’s critical to have at least one bow in your arsenal, and the Bullseye Bow is a must-have. If you want to add this weapon to your arsenal, read further.

The Bullseye Bow location is in a cage in the Sierra Perdida forests but to get there you have to be prepared for everything as there are many enemies and creatures around it which are ready to kill you.

The Bullseye Bow is found in the Sierra Perdida wilderness, immediately to the left of the Verde River and is located south of the Todos Santos Cemetary. Among all the cages in the woods will be a cage with an orange lining, which will hold the chest with the bow. Simply melee the cage’s front to get entry and unlock the Bullseye Bow.

The Bullseye Bow is a silent killer which comes with two primary attachment mods: Precision Arrows and Crosshair Sight as well as two secondary mods: High Ground and Headshot Supremo.

Also note that as it is a unique weapon no additional mods can be added. Now go enjoy your hunting with this silent killer.