Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Amigos are your cute animal companions that perform certain functions during and outside of combat. Amigo can be found in a certain place on map, usually as a reward for the mission or bought at store for a price. Here we have listed all the Far Cry 6 Amigos with their location on map, their abilities and how to get them guide.

Guapo: location on map, abilities and how to get

Guapo the Alligator: location on map

As part of a mission called “Juan of a Kind”, you will meet a character named Juan Cortez when Guapu is introduced during this mission.

  • Reptile Metabolism – Guapo’s self-revive skill restores 90% of his maximum health, rather than 50%.
  • Body Regulation – Guapo gains improved health regeneration during combat.
  • Cornered Beast – Guapo gains damage resistance when his health is less than 50%.

Chorizo: location on map, abilities and how to get

Chorizo: location on map

Complete the “Who’s a Good Boy” and then “Fetch Quest”, to get this cute little puppy in your team.

  • Bloodhound – Chorizo tags nearby crafting materials.
  • Yes, You Can – Pet Chorizo for health regeneration.
  • Keen Senses – Chorizo digs up resources for the player.

Chicharrron: location on map, abilities and how to get

Chicharrron: location on map

Complete missions to help Chicharon. Pick up the side quest Mans Best Enemy. Picking Order and Wingman to get this rooster in your team.

  • Roid Rage – Attacks faster and does more damage when health is below 70%
  • Angrier Bird – Chicharron knock enemies to the ground
  • Chicken Feet – Dodge enemy attacks in Roid Rage mode

Boom Boom: location on map, abilities and how to get

Boom Boom: location on map

Go to Feroza on the Western border of Valle de Oro and find Boom Boom in blue shipping crates around town.

  • Pointer – Automatically tag enemy and animal locations
  • Expert Tracker – tag enemies from father away
  • Thick Coat – Take more damage

Oluso: location on map, abilities and how to get

Oluso: location on map

Oluso wil join you after you complete the Traida Blessings sidequest.

  • Mimi Abosi’s Luck – Oluso’s stealth is improved.
  • Rage of Ida – Causes fear in the enemies who see him takedown and prompts them to flee.
  • Mist of Oku – When below 50% health, Oluso is surrounded by smoke.

K-9000: abilities and how to get

Purchasing the Far Cry 6 Season Pass is the only way to get the K-9000.

  • Enhance – K-9000 tags turrets, cameras, tripwires and alarms.
  • Enhance!!! – K-9000 does increased damage against tagged enemies.
  • Termination Protocol – When zero health, K-9000 detonates in a large explosion.

Champagne: abilities and how to get

Champagne can only be bought with the Vice Pack

  • Greed is Good – More money leads to more takedowns
  • Predatory Instinct – Loot enemies after a silent takedown
  • Sonic Snarl – Champagne can knockdown enemies with a roar when she takes damage

Image Source: Ubisoft