The Titans of the New West mod for Fallout: New Vegas just lately obtained a 2.0 update and a recent trailer displaying off its full reinvention of the game’s energy armor. Titans of the New West goals to nail the ability armor fantasy of the 2D video games, turning you right into a lumbering hulk straight out of Warhammer 40K.

With regards to first-person RPGs like those on Bethesda’s Gamebryo/Creation engines, I all the time need to be a sneaky bastard, play it like Thief or Deus Ex, some variation on Skyrim’s vaunted stealth-archer. It does not assist that Fallout’s iconic energy armor is form of diminished in its first two 3D entries, 3 and New Vegas. You are mainly selecting to be a slower, clunkier model of your man with few mechanical advantages, and you do not even look that cool⁠—the video games’ bizarre, cumbersome however not imposing energy armor nearly augments the flaccidness of that basic Gamebryo Stance™.

Evaluating New Vegas’ OG energy armor to a Titan of the New West is like taking a look at a type of Charles Atlas cartoons where a thin wimpy man transforms into an enormous and beefy man by consuming his greens and doing 50 push-ups a day. The animations actually assist promote the fits’ new mass as properly⁠—the fundamental strolling cycle seems to be prefer it was modeled after a muscle seashore bully trying to kick sand in some nerd’s face.

Do not even get me began on the one-handed firing animations for the whole lot from SMGs to rocket launchers (full with Terminator 2-style flip cocking for the lever rifles). That, coupled with an enhanced functionality to no-sell enemy gunfire, jogs my memory as a lot of the gameplay in Robocop: Rogue Metropolis because it does of the extra tank-like fits in Fallout 4 or 76.

I additionally recognize how the improved armors accomplish the highly effective, tank-like fantasy of Fallout 4’s energy armor with out turning the fits right into a kind of limited-use, battery-dependent “automobile.” The modified energy armors nonetheless seem like a part of the game’s gear system versus being siloed off as their very own factor.

The Titans of the New West armors could be a wee bit OP, however so what? It is energy armor. I’d take into account making my subsequent New Vegas character a beeflord in a mini mech swimsuit as a substitute of one other sneaky bounty hunter dork, although the attract of my outdated favourite suits shall be onerous to withstand. You’ll be able to try Titans of the New West for your self over on the New Vegas Nexus.