The primary follower you are more likely to discover in Fallout: New Vegas is ED-E, a happy-beeping bundle of mechanical pleasure who was one of many Enclave’s eyebots however, with some repairs, can grow to be the Courier’s fixed and vigilant companion as an alternative. However what if ED-E was truly… ED-UARDO?

This mod by Diegonom provides your trustworthy robotic companion a makeover, including a jaunty sombrero full with feather and a headscarf filled with bullets. He’ll additionally get a unique mustache based mostly on whether or not you select to have ED-UARDO upgraded by the Followers of the Apocalypse, which improves his weapon, or by the Brotherhood of Metal, which improves his armor.

Now, I do know what you are pondering. “What concerning the duplicate mannequin eyebot you discover in the course of the Lonesome Street add-on?” Don’t fret, the ED-UARDO mod generously provides the ED-E clone a sombrero too.

To put in ED-UARDO you will have to download it from NexusMods, and I like to recommend grabbing the non-obligatory fight music replacer from the recordsdata web page as effectively so you may hear Los Tucanes de Tijuana play La Chona or Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán carry out El Son de la Negra when you gun down raiders and Powder Gangers within the Mojave Desert. 

Is ED-UARDO as important as different New Vegas mods just like the FNV 4GB Patcher or Vanilla UI Plus? No. Will I make it a part of my subsequent playthrough? Hell, yeah.