We nonetheless do not know a lot about what’s within the enlargement

Bustling industry in a Factorio screenshot.

One yr after asserting a paid enlargement for Factorio, the builders nonetheless have not revealed a lot of what it’s going to deliver. But they’ve now confirmed one thing that may not be huge however is giant: they plan for the enlargement to really feel as huge as the entire base sport over again. Factorio just isn’t a small sport, in order that’s a powerful plan.

“We still don’t want to be specific about many things, not even the expansion name, but we can start by giving you some general idea about the scale of the project,” Wube Software stated within the a devblog on Friday. “The general goal is to make the expansion feel like as big an addition as the whole vanilla game. This is why we plan to price it at $30.00, and put in enough content to make it well worth the price.”

Concept art for an alien jellyfish-looking critter in Factorio's expansion.
Plus a peek at some idea artwork for the enlargement.

That’s a powerful aim. Factorio actually does really feel big. We begin out as only a wee fella chopping down timber, as is the way in which with constructing video games, however quickly are protecting half a planet with an enormous automated industrial panorama of mines, machines, conveyer belts, trains, defences, and extra with the aim of constructing a rocket to depart the planet. We’ve declared it among the finest administration video games as a result of it’s.

“Honestly, making the price (and thus the expected scope) a little bit more concrete in this way, motivates us not only to make enough, but also to not overshoot, so we wouldn’t spend another 9 years doing it,” Wube continued. “Generally the fact that the team size has increased, and there are a lot of things in the engine that we already solved, should hopefully imply that the expansion takes way less time than the base game.”

They additionally gabbed a bit about their plans for various phases of growth, and the way technically they plan to launch it. After initially planning for the bottom sport to turn into steady with model 1.1 then go away it behind, yeah, seems video games do not actually simply ‘turn into steady’. Now they plan to update the bottom sport to v1.2 and construct the enlargement on high of that, with the bonus aspect impact of the bottom sport benefitting from a few of the enlargement’s quality-of-life enhancements and such.