F1 Supervisor 2022, which—in case your reminiscence stretches again that far—you may recall launched on August 30, will not be releasing main updates after its subsequent one. In a submit to the game’s subreddit, a Frontier neighborhood supervisor mentioned that, “To make sure upcoming F1 Supervisor tasks realise their potential,” the game’s subsequent scheduled update would be the “final important update that addresses player-reported suggestions, or recommended modifications and additions”. The neighborhood was not thrilled.

“Any potential updates following this might be minor patches that don’t noticeably have an effect on gameplay,” continues the neighborhood supervisor’s submit, and “Key reviews and requests round F1 Supervisor 2022 from the neighborhood which can be but to be resolved” will as an alternative be taken ahead and “prioritised as we create future iterations on this franchise”. Additional posts from Frontier on the subreddit even describe particular, ongoing bugs that will not be mounted on this game however can be addressed in future releases.

It will have been higher to not say that final bit in any respect. It seems that telling folks you are still listening to their complaints, however solely so you may repair them within the subsequent game, is not a lot of a crowd-pleaser. Already the subreddit is awash with followers decrying the choice, pledging to not purchase one other Frontier game, and pleading with the corporate to reverse the move. 

A criticism from person xford, who says they began out “fairly forthright that I assumed they’d frequently enhance the game,” however now believes it to be a “a disappointment and admittedly a horrible technique to launch a collection,” does a superb job of summing up the frustration (and with quite a bit much less all-caps cursing than another complaints).

It is a remarkably fast turnaround for a game as usually well-liked as F1 Supervisor 2022, and followers have been fast to level out the inherent weirdness of ending important updates for the game earlier than the real-life F1 2022 season is even completed. However, Frontier appears to be dead-set on shifting its improvement focus onto future video games as soon as the subsequent update is launched.

It is a disgrace. We reasonably favored F1 Supervisor 2022, giving it 79% in our evaluate and even declaring it extra fascinating than watching precise F1. For the devs to pump the brakes so onerous on the game lower than two months after it got here out is an surprising and undesired shift for a game that felt prefer it had potential, and I am unable to think about it will predispose many individuals to select up the subsequent game when it comes out.