Trepang2, the spectacular FPS closely impressed by Monolith’s F.E.A.R, kneeslides its means onto Steam on June 21.

The discharge date’s reveal was accompanied by a brand new trailer offering an in depth take a look at Trepang2’s flashy, bloody fight, in addition to just a few glimpses of the game’s story. You play a supersoldier identified merely as “106” who has escaped from a analysis institute belonging to the shady Horizon company. Rescued by a paramilitary organisation with aspirations of taking down Horizon, you are despatched again to precise vengeance on the individuals who imprisoned you.

All of which serves as a free framework for some delightfully extreme motion. Just like the game upon which it’s primarily based, Trepang2 laces its shooting with over-the-top results. Any given encounter will fill the air with sparks and particles, whereas the game’s liberal bullet-time means permits you to see the shockwaves of explosions as they ripple by the setting.

It is a implausible trying factor. The fight additionally provides just a few further characteristic to the first-person “gun-fu” launched in Monolith’s shooter. These embody the power to dual-wield weapons and use enemies as human shields. I notably like how one can toss grabbed enemies round, utilizing them to stagger different opponents, or shooting the grenades on their belts to make them explode.

Probably the most essential factor in replicating F.E.A.R.’s FPS expertise, nevertheless, is enemy AI. F.E.A.R.’s weaponised clones stay a few of the canniest foes I’ve ever encountered in a shooter, and all Trepang2’s fancy results will not do a lot good if its troopers are dumb as rocks. The in depth enemy radio chatter heard within the trailer is a promising signal that Trepang2’s opponents shall be equally communicative. However whether or not they’ll attempt to outflank and outfox you is one other query.

Though Trepang2 would not launch for an additional couple of months, in the event you fancy having a crack at Trepang2 your self, you’ll be able to seize the Steam demo right here.