Amazingly—and I imply that with out an oz of hyperbole, I’m amazed—it has occurred once more. For the third time, in response to the UK Defense Journal, categorised navy paperwork have been posted to the boards of War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play vehicular warfare game, as a result of a participant obtained pissed off that some tiny facet of the simulation was mistaken.

The newest leak of categorised navy intel onto a videogame discussion board—a genuinely wild sentence to kind, imagine me—is a picture of the DTC10-125 tungsten penetrator and a technical doc describing its specs. Unlike the earlier two leaks, which revealed details about the British Challenger 2 and French Leclerc primary battle tanks, this one is about Chinese {hardware}: The DTC10-125 is a high-velocity, non-explosive 125mm sabot spherical fired by the Chinese Type 96 and Type 99 MBTs, described by the UK Defense Journal as “one of the PLA’s [People’s Liberation Army’s] main tank killing rounds.”

(Image credit score: People’s Liberation Army, through Gaijin Entertainment)

What makes the entire thing much more mind-boggling is that in response to Nobleman Swerve on Resetera, it is doable the fee of this extraordinarily severe excessive crime was completely pointless.

“The game recently closed a publicly accessible development server that previewed the upcoming content drop,” they wrote. “The thing about these dev servers is that the values for things such as armor, penetration, or flight models are usually placeholders subject to change on final release.

“So what occurs was the developer added this shell to the server, however copy/pasted the values of the earlier model as a placeholder. This poster noticed this, flipped out, and went forward and posted treason to appropriate what are publicly communicated as placeholder values.”

Once is an accident, as the saying goes; twice is a coincidence. But three times, and man, you really have to start thinking that maybe governments around the world need to start putting on “confidentiality” refresher programs for his or her tankers.

(Image credit score: Resetera)

The publish has since been eliminated, and Gaijin has requested its gamers—once more!—to please not share categorised navy intel on its boards.

For the report, treason is an extremely severe crime, punishable by demise in most international locations. But it is also fairly humorous if you do it on the War Thunder boards.