Your main objective in High On Life is to hunt down all the various bounty targets. One of the first ones you’ll come across is the bounty on 9-Torg. After speaking with the local fisherman on the dock, your next objective for this mission is to find 9-Torg’s hideout location. While this is actually a very simple process to do so, there is a lot of side area to explore and get lost in. That’s why we’ll show you how to exactly find 9-Torg’s hideout location in this guide. So read on to find out!

Where to Find 9-Torg’s Hideout Location

To find 9-Torg’s Hideout Location in High On Life, you first need to speak with the local fisherman at the end of the dock. He’ll direct you to the distant laundromat as 9-Torg’s hideout location. Now follow the game’s waypoints until you come to the wall with a weird slime substance on it. The in-game tutorial will tell you how to use Kenny’s Glob Shot and shoot down the wall to open up a way forward.

Keep following the docks forward and take your first right onto the bridge. Now you’ll have to do the same with Kenny’s Glob Shot to bring down the wall blocking off the bridge’s path. Then again to bring down the wall to connect the bridge, allowing you to cross to the other side. Now head to the lower part of the dock and look right at the building in the middle of the water. You’ll see three ants walk onto a metal sheet. Fire Kenny’s Glob Shot at the platform the ants are standing on to break it off and make a path to the other side.

From the building in the middle of the water, head left. Then you should see two platforms floating in the water you’ll want to jump across to reach the docks on the other side. Beware, you’ll have some ants who are ready to scrap as soon as you make your way across. Now just make a left up the dock and head into Bubble Buds, which is the laundromat. This is 9-Torg’s hideout location. So, just keep making your way through here to the wooden door at the end of the hall. Then, knock on the door for the ants to open it and simply carry on with the story.

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