If you’re perplexed by the title of this guide for High On Life, you’re certainly not the only one. Just on the same day of release, players noticed a strange easter egg in the game. With an FPS from Squanch Games, this isn’t too surprising since crude humor and wild characters are expected. But one surprise we didn’t anticipate was the inclusion of the 1994 horror comedy Tammy and the T-Rex starring Denise Richards and the late Paul Walker. Indeed, a film from 1994 is in the game. Here is how you can watch the movie in High On Life.

How to Watch Tammy and the T-Rex in High On Life

Players can watch Tammy and the T-Rex in its entirety by hanging out with Gene on the couch at home. The former bounty hunter turned couch potato will be watching the 1994 film on your TV while you’re out collecting bounties. Whenever you’re back in Blim City, you can head back home to check what’s playing. Most likely, you’ll find the TV commencing the film with its cheerleader practice scene with Denise Richards.

As aforementioned, the film can be viewed in its entirety as long as you stay home and hang on the couch with Gene, much like how you would do in the real world. As a matter of fact, the film in the game goes by Tanny & the Teenage T-Rex for its intro. This is because this is the 35 mm pre-censorship version that features heavy gore and additional profanity.

Aside from the other easter eggs that you can discover, this one is presented to you in full force once your home is transported to Blim City. This occurs after the introductory missions when the invasion of Earth is underway.

In addition to the fun factor of watching the film, there’s also nudity that might pop up on the TV. In a quick tweet served up by the High On Life Twitter account, they warn streamers of the content.


We do, indeed have in-game movies. Some of them do, indeed, contain nudity. Don’t get banned (or do, that’s your business).

— High On Life (@highonlifegame) December 13, 2022

Be sure to update your game if you’re having issues watching Tammy and the T-Rex. Some players have reported sudden black screens appearing about a half hour into the film. There are the day-one patch notes that you can check out through the same Twitter account for High On Life. Some of them concern the audio and TV aspects, so there are changes that could apply to the film in question.

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