The fun doesn’t stop in High on Life when the credits begin to roll. Indeed, if open-world exploration is on your mind, so should the very existence of a secret ending. Dealing with the G3 Cartel won’t bring the story to a complete close. In fact, the secret ending has a little surprise if you know how to get it. It won’t be difficult to reach, but you will have to finish the game – hence the secretive presence. Here’s how you can get the secret ending to High on Life.

How to Get the Secret Ending in High on Life

Spoiler Warning: The rest of this guide contains spoilers for the storyline of High on Life. Please read at your own discretion.

Right around the conclusion of the game, or after you defeat Nipulon, the secret ending will be accessible to you through the Bounty 5000. Essentially, you’ll need to obtain the Human Haven keycard from Clugg’s Office that will unlock a door in Human Haven. It’ll be at the top of the location that you can reach by utilizing your jetpack and platforming. There, the keycard will open the “NO TRESPASSING” door that will provide a pathway to the secret ending.

The best time to start looking for the keycard is when you take down the penultimate bounty, Nipulon. Anytime after your last meeting with Clugg, you can portal to his office to check and see if the keycard is sitting on his desk. This can also be done after you defeat Garmantuous.

Once you manage to loot the keycard, use the Bounty 5000 to travel to the Human Haven location in the Unknown Sector. You’ll soon run into other humans who have been saved. Upon initial inspection, there isn’t much else to see. However, look up to find a few platforms that you jump onto with your jetpack. Ascend your way to the very top until you find the aforementioned “NO TRESPASSING” door. Use the keycard for this door, and you’ll be on your way to the secret ending.

When you make your way through the door, you’ll receive the “Sequel-Bait” achievement for 45 Gamerscore. This is evidently a secret achievement, so you won’t see its description when loading up the game. You could stop there, but you’ll want to continue down the pathway until you find some fans. Use Sweezy to traverse through these to discover Dr. Gurgula’s hideout and Clugg’s sinister wrongdoings. From here, the rest will play on, as Dr. Gurgula will rant on about the “secrets of the universe” after killing Clugg. Good looking, Bounty Hunter.

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