Kenny is our guide through Blim City and its intricacies in High On Life. Not only does he provide helpful commentary but he provides a good voice of reason to depend on. In a way, he’s our primary voiceover in place of our mute protagonist. However, we eventually come across the murderous Knifey, a fiery red blade that works as your melee and grapple. At one point, he wishes to stab Gene, who just moved into your house. What are we to do? Should we stab Gene or not?

Should You Stab Gene in High On Life?

Yes, go for it and stab Gene. Not to worry, you’re only giving him a flesh wound while satisfying Knifey’s craving for bloodshed. Gene will comment about the stab, but it will quickly pass. There are no consequences as to whether or not you harm him. Kenny might look at you and judge you, but don’t let morals get to your head.

Knifey is Gene’s weapon after all, though the owner seems keen on giving him away after realizing how psychotic it was. Perhaps it’s time to two had parted ways, which helps you out in the long run. Gene is a washed-up bounty hunter who openly defecates on your couch while your sister hangs out idly by, but the choice is yours.

The reason for this perplexing choice is to unlock an achievement in the game. “Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds ” for 20 Gamerscore is the deal here, and it’s purely a decision for laughs. Mainly, this task is vital for completionists who might glance over this absurd moment.

Since Gene is an important character in High On Life, making a decision like this already seems like it’s being played for laughs. This encounter happens after you retrieve Knifey, which is fairly early on in the game. It’s also where you learn how to melee and utilize platforming with his whip.

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