Many fans of the Rick and Morty cartoon are looking forward to Justin Roiland’s new game High On Life. Developed by his own self-funded studio, Squanch Games, High On Life looks to be as whimsical and darkly humorous as most of us know and love the show for. But will you be able to laugh at all of these jokes with your friends in multiplayer? As it turns out, this may be one tough adventure to share with friends.

Is High On Life Multiplayer?

High On Life is only available as a single-player experience. According to a FAQ section on the game’s Steam page, developers have posed the question “What type of game is this? Single player? Multiplayer?” and answered it with “High On Life is a single-player game only.” With this clearly stated in the game’s description, it’s safe to assume High On Life will be a single-player experience only.

Furthermore, it doesn’t look like the developers at Squanch Games have plans to add multiplayer, either. And, given that the game is a story-driven action adventure, it doesn’t seem likely that a multiplayer mode will be added. However, it does beg the question of whether we will ever see a co-op multiplayer added. This effectively allows you to play the game split-screen with a friend, to have a co-op story experience.

Though it is purely speculative, Squanch Games could decide to add a local co-op story mode to High On Life at a later date. Of course, some tweaks and adjustments to the game’s narrative and how the level plays out would be required, but it’s been done before. If not, there’s always the chance that the game will get a multiplayer spin-off in some form. Both these cases are purely speculation, and all we can confidently tell you is that for the time being, High On Life is a single-player-only game.

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