High on Life is the new FPS from Squanch Games, led by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. The well-known creator instills his usual dialogue tropes into the game, making it feel like it’s straight from the popular Adult Swim series. This essentially translates to stream-of-consciousness writing and jokes, where the lines almost never stop, especially when it comes to talking guns. Some folks, however, may not be too fond of this as they play High on Life. Thankfully, there’s a feature where you can mute your guns if you wish to experience the game a bit differently.

How to Mute Guns in High on Life

Players can mute their guns by simply accessing the game’s menu and going to the Audio settings. There will be two dialogue options that pertain to the constant chatter from both enemies and the Gatlians. None, Occasional, and Frequent are your options, with the first one acting as the go-to setting to silence all unnecessary commentary.

The game is set to the default setting of Frequent, which brings in the persistent dialogue that almost delivers lines without any breaks. In addition to the interdimensional cable, movies, and primary character dialogue, the weapons and enemies provide significant supplements to the experience.

Of course, the constant chatter isn’t for everyone. That brings us to the settings in question, offering two different options to accommodate the common FPS enthusiast. The Occasional setting will merely lessen the enemy and gun dialogue to the point where breaks are widely noticeable. Finally, the None option evidently alleviates the game’s outstanding feature of Gatlian dialogue to where the comments nearly cease.

Moreover, the Audio settings include sliders to adjust the different volumes in the game: Master, SFX, Music, and Voice. You can easily tweak these to fit your vital auditory needs. As of now, these are the available Audio settings that you can check out until future updates potentially change around a few aural options.

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