Every now and then in High on Life, you’ll come across an obstacle that you can’t necessarily prevail over. These come in the form of industrial fans that you can find throughout the game. The superpowered aerators can withhold unique lugloxes and secrets, some of which are highly desirable for completionists and curious players. However, you can’t get through them at first until you obtain a certain item later on in the game.

How to Stop Fans in High on Life

Players will need to get Sweezy if they wish to pass through the fans. She has the ability to cast a time bubble onto enemies, generating an orb that slows down time for anyone within that area. Use this ability with the fans, which will drastically shorten their speed, allowing you to peacefully walk on through. It’s only for a short period, so be sure to get moving as soon as you fire the time bubble.

Timing is key when it comes to stopping the fans. Since the time bubble is merely temporary, you only have a brief window to squeeze through the environmental hurdle. If the timing is off, you’ll accumulate some damage if the fans manage to scratch you.

Sweezy is the fourth Gatlian that you’ll acquire in High on Life after completing the Douglas bounty. In a way, she’s the weapon that you’ll obtain about halfway through the game after Gus and before Creature. She’s a rapid-fire pistol that greatly resembles the Needler from the Halo franchise. Combine the firepower with the presence of the time bubble, and you’ll create a particular explosion.

Additionally, you can use Knifey whenever an enemy has been pierced with Sweezy’s needles. This will trigger extra damage, but you’ll have to get up close and personal to do so. You can also charge up a shot to shoot enemies who are behind some cover. There are weapon upgrades that you can purchase from Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop that can extend Sweezy’s abilities.

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