High On Life is all about crude humor, talking guns, and collecting bounties as you attempt to save humanity. The G3 Cartel is responsible for deploying a maneuver that sees humans as drugs, ultimately leading to an invasion that brings us to space. If we’re going to save our fellow humans, we’re going to have to take down the G3 Cartel by going after individual bounties. With the help of our Bounty 5000, we’ll be sure to handle business in a predominantly professional manner.

How Many Bounties Are In High On Life?

High On Life features seven bounties that all play into the main narrative, and each one follows a member of the aforementioned antagonistic cartel. Naturally, you’ll process through the seven bounties as you play the game, with new upgrades and Gatlians coming your way. They all eventually lead to Garmantuous, the game’s primary villain who serves as the boss of the G3 Cartel.

For a quick reference, here are the seven bounties that you must complete in order to save humanity (and, of course, beat the game):

  1. 9-Torg
  2. Krubis
  3. Douglas
  4. Dr. Giblets
  5. Skrendel Bros
  6. Nipulon
  7. Garmantuous

These seven bounties won’t transpire back-to-back. There’s an entire story that’s connected to them where other activities will come into play. Aside from collecting the rewards for the G3 kills, you’ll also run into a variety of events that will throw you off. Evidently, we have Lizzie and Gene to go to with our warped-in home in Blim City. Then, you have the peculiar NPCs that will offer tiny side quests to explore. There’s even the interdimensional cable in the game that can supply both original animations and forgotten movies. Lastly, the Warp Discs can provide quite the comical distraction once you have enough Warp Crystals in your inventory.

Case in point, the bounties in the game are your priority, but so is just about everything else you run into. Nonetheless, the G3 bounties play a vital role in High On Life‘s story, with each containing a member of the perilous force. Additionally, you’ll receive some pesos for each completed bounty where you can then upgrade your gear to take on the next tough boss.

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