High On Life welcomes players to a spectacular space adventure where comedy and action beautifully collide. The jokes come at you like wildfire, even at the most unexpected moments as you travel from one location to the next. While you do run into most of the scripted scenes in the game, Cutie Town is one place that you won’t be able to find. Unless you have something to activate it, that is. If you’ve seen footage for Cutie Town but have no idea how or where to find it, read onward for the answers that you seek.

Where to Find Cutie Town in High On Life

Cutie Town comes from the Warp Disc of the same name that you can get from Blorto’s in Blim City. Blorto sells these discs for Warp Crystals, but Cutie Town is on the house. This is the only free Warp Disc that you can purchase, so it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have it in your inventory. Once you obtain it, head to your preferred warp signal to activate the location, thus transporting the adorable town in question.

For quick reference, here is the list of Warp Discs that you can buy from Blorto:

  • Cutie Town – Free
  • Movie Theater – 3 Warp Crystals
  • Skate Park -8 Warp Crystals
  • Trolley Tracks – 5 Warp Crystals
  • Toilet – 5 Warp Crystals
  • Quiet Cottage – 10 Warp Crystals

The tricky aspect of activating Cutie Town is actually locating a warp signal to deliver the miniature metropolis. These signals come in the form of blue tents of energy that beam toward the sky. They essentially allow you to summon different peculiar activities for you to experience.

There are two promising areas that you can travel to if you wish to interact with a warp signal. Access the Bounty 5000 to check out the Portals tab for the game’s locations. Select the Zephyr Paradise world then choose the Upper Valley area. Then, Use the Bounty 5000 portal to travel to the Upper Valley to find a hill stretching upward toward the left with a warp signal at the top.

The other location is a little more complicated. Use the Bounty 5000 then pick the Port Terrene world for the Outskirts area. As soon as you enter the Outskirts, head straight across the rocks and dunes toward the shipwreck. Make your way over the broken ship to find an area covered in debris. Look to the right to discover two warp signals that are waiting to be utilized.

When you do warp in Cutie Town, you’re free to do with it as you please. Cutie Hubie will welcome you with bright kindness, showing you the success of the tiny municipality. You can either leave the premises, check out the mini scenery, or mentally transform into a Godzilla-like kaiju to stomp all over Cutie Town. There is no achievement tied to this; it’s merely for shocks and giggles as you destroy the lovable location without a second thought.

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