Excessive On Life, like many good first-person shooters, has a formidable arsenal of firearms. Fortunately, these weapons may be insanely enjoyable to make use of. Even the essential pistol offers some cool methods for the participant. So, it’s essential to collect your whole arsenal. Who is aware of which gun will click on with you in Excessive On Life! This guide will stroll by means of each gun within the game so you already know while you’ll get them and the way efficient they’ll every be.

All Weapons in Excessive on Life

There are 5 weapons and one knife in Excessive On Life, making a complete of six completely different weapons.

  • Kenny
  • Knifey
  • Gus
  • Sweezy
  • Creature
  • Lezduit

Under is a breakdown of all of the weapons and weapons, together with their alternate hearth and where they are often unlocked. It’ll additionally briefly go over the location of their upgrades.


Kenny y is your fundamental pistol. It offers sufficient injury to take out enemies from a average distance. What extra can we ask for!

  • Kenny Alt: A Glob Shot that launches enemies into the air. It is also used to rotate constructions.
  • Kenny is unlocked through the Tutorial.
  • Kenny has upgrades in Mr. Retains Pawn Store, within the Provide Station Valley Store on Zephyr Paradise’s Deep Jungle, within the Moplet Mine Store within the Higher Valley, and the Dreg City Pawn in Dreg City. Notable upgrades are within the Dreg City Pawn, however Kenny will get by far essentially the most upgrades within the game.


Whereas removed from a gun, Knifey remains to be going to matter fairly a bit. He’s your fundamental melee assault, however he’s rather more helpful for traversing the surroundings.

  • Knifey Alt: A grapple, which will likely be used for a lot of platforming puzzles. Can be utilized in fight when you really feel fancy! It could possibly additionally parry particular assaults.
  • Knifey is unlocked through the 9-Torg bounty.
  • Knifey has an improve within the Massive Deal Emporium, in Previous City. This simply lets him stagger simpler. Shank ’em!


A private favourite of the Excessive on Life weapons, Gus works as a shotgun; short-range, large injury to targets. Excellent for ripping and tearing.

  • Gus Alt: Fires a disc that may stick into particular partitions, making a platform. The discs harm enemies, giving Gus an possibility at lengthy vary. These can suck enemies towards you.
  • Gus is unlocked through the Krubis bounty.
  • Gus has upgrades in Mr. Retains Pawn Store.


An auto-pistol, changing the pokes and prods of Kenny with larger injury per second, at the price of accuracy and stability. Additionally, you will want to verify to make use of their alt-fire usually, or else you’ll do no injury.

  • Sweezy Alt: Blows up the needles caught into enemies, precisely just like the Needler. If there aren’t any needles, it’s going to as a substitute create a sluggish area. This may sluggish enemies and elements of the surroundings.
  • Sweezy is unlocked through the Douglas bounty.
  • Sweezy has upgrades in Mr. Retains Pawn Store. Additionally they have a mod within the Mine Shaft known as the Summoning Portal Mod. That is after the Volleyball court docket. From what we’ve discovered to date, that is the one non-obligatory improve that isn’t purchased. That’s mainly saving cash.


Creature is the bizarre weapon of your weapons in Excessive On Life. He launches his infants as bullets, working as an odd assault rifle. The infants “house” onto targets.

  • Creature Alt: Launches a child to hypnotize an opponent and bypass electrical bins. The opponent serves nicely as a distraction and improves injury throughout fight eventualities. {The electrical} bins will come up usually as a puzzle.
  • Creature is unlocked through the Nipulon bounty.
  • Creature has upgrades in Mr. Retains Pawn Store.


Alright, now we’re speaking! Lezduit acts as your BFG, a plasma canon that shocks many foes in entrance of you. Sadly, this absolute beast of a gun is just discovered on the finish of the game. However, no person is saying that he isn’t loopy!

  • Lezduit Alt: An enormous plasma arc that’s designed as a room-clear instrument. That is in all probability higher than the canon in most eventualities. However, the only goal injury is decrease.
  • Lezduit is unlocked throughout the previous few scenes of the game, after the Nipulon bounty.

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