Evil Dead The Game
Evil Dead The Game

As Evil Dead The Game becomes available, vintage movie fans like myself are ecstatic. If you haven’t seen Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror film, you may be unfamiliar with its characters. While Saber Interactive was successful in obtaining legendary performers to voice and role-play its characters, who are these actors? Check out our list of all the Evil Dead The Game voice actors and their characters.

evil dead the game voice actors
  • Bruce Campbell: Ashley J. Williams, Evil Ash Williams, and the voice of Mini Ash.
  • Ellen Sandweiss: Cheryl Williams, and the voice of Deadite Cheryl.
  • Betsy Baker: Linda, and the voice of Demon Narrator.
  • Ray Santiago: Pablo Simon Bolivar, and the voice of Deadite Pablo Simon Bolivar.
  • Richard DeManincor: Scotty, and the voice of Deadite Scotty.
  • Andrew Morgado: Deadite Berserker, Deadite, Skeleton’s voice.
  • Cissy Jones: Annie Knowby, Deadite Anne, and Deadite Berserker.
  • Cristina Valenzuela: Deadite Berserker, voice of Meat Puppet and Demi-Eligos,
  • Dana DeLorenzo: Kelly Maxwell, and the voice of Deadite Kelly Maxwell.
  • Dave B. Mitchell: Henry the Red, Deadite Henry, Skeleton, Meat Puppet’s voice.
  • Dino Andrade: Demi-Eligos, Skeleton, and voice of Deadite Berserker.
  • Fred Tatasciore: Henrietta, Deadite Berserker, Skeleton’s voice.
  • Jim Pirri: Professor Knowby, Deadite Knowby, and the voice of Skeleton.
  • Jon Bailey: Ed Getley, Deadite Ed, Deadite Elite, and Skeleton’s voice.
  • Kellen Goff: Deadite, Eligos, and voice of Demi-Eligos.
  • Kimberly Brooks: Amanda Fisher, Deadite Amanda Fisher, and Meat Puppet.
  • Krizia Bajos: Little Lori, Deadite Berserker, voice of Demi-Eligos.
  • Nick Hudson Murdoch: Skeleton Elite, the voice of Deadite Berserker and Demi-Eligos.
  • Piotr Michael: Lord Arthur, Deadite Arthur, Sewer Deadite, Baal’s voice.
  • Theresa Tilly: Shelly and Tanya’s voice.