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Evil Dead Game

With the release of Evil Dead Game, players are eager to play all four classes for Survivors in the game. Leaders, Warriors, Hunters, and Support characters are among the four classes. Speaking of Warrior classes, these Survivors have the most health and are ideal for melee combat. While all Warrior-based Survivors have good agility and deal a lot of dismemberment damage, there are notable differences. We gathered all of these Survivors and rated them mostly based on their abilities, perks, and other metrics. So, here’s our tier list to help you pick the best Warrior in Evil Dead The Game.

Best Warrior in Evil Dead The Game Tier List

Mentioned beneath are all the soldiers ranked inside totally different tiers:

Warriors     Tiers
Ash WilliamsS
Henry, the RedB

Although these above Warriors inflict heavy melee assaults and devour much less stamina, there are a couple of variations of their stats and perks. So, let’s begin with Ash Williams from the Army of Darkness.

Ash Williams

He is the main character of the Evil Dead and possesses the energetic power of Wise Potion. In the Army of Darkness film, a character named Wise Man gives Ash a medicine to return to his timeline. With this skill enabled, you’ll be able to reduce worry levels, deal with damage more effectively, and reduce inflicted injury. In terms of offensive, he possesses the Shield Blast ability, which initiates an explosion when you lose a protect bar.

At level 10, you may unlock one of his many talents, Finish Strong, in which he restores a protect bar every time he kills a Deadite. In addition to those talents and bonuses, at stage 25 you can obtain the Weapon Master: Chainsaw. When you activate this ability, you may have a faster attack speed and may deal more damage with significant dismemberment damage.


While Scotty was a big spoiler in the film, his talents and benefits in Evil Dead the Game are rather good. He possesses the ability Thunder Thrust, which causes an explosion to destroy nearby opponents. One of his other abilities is Collateral Damage, which increases the damage of heavy melee attacks. You can also lower your worry levels with each Deadite you kill by using the Exposure Therapy skill, which is unlocked at level 10. When you reach level 25, you acquire the Weapon Master: Lumberjack, which offers faster attack velocity, increases the size of the stability bar, and causes dismemberment damage. In addition, you can deal additional damage from the Deadites.

Henry, the Red

Although the other two Warriors rely on a certain weapon, this mediaeval warrior may be invincible with his talents and benefits. That takes us to his active ability, Unstoppable, which temporarily stops incoming damage to the shields and health. Shields Up!, his other power, allows players to begin the game with an extra protect bar. You can acquire his Rebound ability, which allows you to return a part of the damage dealt by the Deadites to them. This might come in handy while dealing with swarms of Deadites. At stage 25, you can unlock the Battle Hardened ability. This gives you a higher protect bar and more health.

Best Warrior in Evil the Dead Game

evil dead the game best warrior tier list

Ash Williams, in my view, would be the ideal Warrior to slice the Deadites. This is owing to his cool balance of fighting and protecting. His health regeneration and increased damage can easily deal with Deadites. However, if you are looking for a tank that is focused on defensive, Henry, the Red, may be the best option.