Evil Dead Game
Evil Dead Game

The game Evil Dead centres on a groovy and nasty party of several classes of Survivors and Demons. The Hunter-based Survivors have greater ammo and evading abilities. These survivors also use less stamina than the other survivors. While all of these Survivors have these advantages, there are significant variances in their active and passive abilities. So, here is our Finest Hunters tier list to help you choose the best Hunter in Evil Dead the Game.

Best Hunter Tier List in Evil Dead The Game

Mentioned below is the tier list for the Hunters Class to pick the Best Hunter Survivor:

Hunters    Tiers
Kelly MaxwellS
Amanda FisherA
Ash WilliamsB
Ed GetleyC

Ed Getley

This hunter Survivor is the greatest in detecting demon traps and other stuff in the area. You can detect and disarm demon traps briefly if you engage his active skill, It’s a trap. His second talent, Eduring Brightness, may boost the flashlight’s battery light by more than 100%. You may unlock the Weapon master: Crossbow at level 10 since he specialises in utilising a crossbow. The crossbow has a faster attack speed as a result, and you can deal with Deadites with higher health. This perk boosts the balancing bar and dismemberment damage. At level 25, you can enhance your chances of finding uncommon crates and getting better goods from vanquished enemies.

Ash Williams

Although the other Ash variations are overpowering, I found this one to be a little less Groovy. This hunter-based variation of Ash Williams was inspired by the film Evil vs Dead 2. Exorcise the demons from the afflicted teammates or basic troops using his active skill, Exorcist. With his Treasure Hunter skill, you can also view the supply boxes through the walls at close range. This skill is one of the most effective ways to locate Pink F bottles in those containers. To begin the fight with a Double-barrel weapon, you may acquire another valuable perk called I’m the Guy with a Double-barrel. At level 25, you can unlock weapon mastery, which provides players greater attack speed, more health, a balancing bar, and dismemberment.

Amanda Fisher

You might recognise this fierce female officer from Evil vs. Dead 2. Because of her active abilities, Amanda Fisher is one of the finest Hunter-based Survivors. Her ability, Ammo for Days, allows you to fire ranged weapons at Deadites without having to replenish your ammunition. Trusty Sidearm, one of her other talents, allows players to start the battle with a Pistol. While you achieve level 10, you may acquire its weapon mastery, which provides you quicker attack speed and more damage when dealing with Deadites. The Accuracy Counts perk is unlocked at level 25. With each successive strike, it enhances the damage of your ranged weapons.

Kelly Maxwell

While Amanda is a badass, this Hunter-based Survivor has far superior powers and benefits. You can avoid attackers by utilising her Slipshot skill instead of stamina. This ability also deals bleeding damage to your adversaries. With the Weapon master: Meat hammer perk, you can hit the hammer at a significantly faster attack speed and do more damage. At level 10, you can also get access to the Countershot ability. When you successfully dodge, your next ranged weapon strike inflicts bleeding damage on your adversaries for a short time. At level 25, you may activate her Battle Frenzy perk, which boosts melee damage as you fight.

Best Hunter in Evil Dead the Game

Kelly Maxwell, in my view, is the finest Hunter. Her powers and bonuses provide a significant assist in combating the Deadites. You might also choose Amanda for her substantial ammo benefits. It is entirely up to you to select an appropriate Hunter and develop a badass build. Check out our guide to the top Ash builds if you want to make a decent Ash build.