Genshin Affect 3.4 is quickly to reach, bringing new characters Alhaitham and Yaoyao, but additionally a shock new mini-area: the Desert of Hadramaveth. This sandstorm-wracked area has new enemies, a boss, and even its very personal questline centered round discovering a long-lost oasis. 

The yearly Lantern Ceremony Pageant can also be nearly upon us with its in style array of free stuff, occasion mini-games, and the chance to recruit Yaoyao totally free, because it was with Yun Jin throughout final yr’s occasion. As with Keqing and Ningguang final yr, we have additionally obtained some new outfits for Ayaka and Lisa this time round, styled round Fontaine and Sumeru respectively.

All in all, it is a complete heap of stuff—a hell of much more than I used to be anticipating from a mid-region update to be trustworthy. Right here I am going to run by way of all the things there’s to know in regards to the Genshin Affect 3.4 update, together with launch date, characters, occasions, and particulars in regards to the new space. Additionally, make sure to seize the Genshin Affect codes from the livestream for some free Primogems (when you’re taking a look at this on the day it was revealed.)

Genshin Affect 3.4 launch date

The Genshin Affect 3.4 launch date is January 18, 2023. There would be the common upkeep interval beforehand and Primogem compensation afterwards. The primary part of three.4 options banners for Alhaitham and Xiao, with Yaoyao as a boosted four-star, then Hu Tao and Yelan‘s banners can be out there within the second part. 

Genshin Affect 3.4 characters

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Genshin Impact 3.4 - Alhaitham

Alhaitham (Picture credit score: miHoYo)
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Genshin Impact 3.4 - Yaoyao

Yaoyao (Picture credit score: miHoYo)

There are two new characters in Genshin Affect 3.4, in addition to three reruns:

  • Alhaitham: You need to be accustomed to this five-star Anemo sword-user when you’ve performed Genshin not too long ago, since he options fairly prominently within the Sumeru Archon quest. Alhaitham is a wandering scribe from the Akademiya, and makes use of Chisel-Gentle Mirrors in fight, infusing his assaults with Dendro and following up with additional assaults much like Xingqiu’s Raincutter burst. His banner can be out there within the first part of Genshin Affect 3.4 on January 18. His five-star Gentle of Foliar sword may even be out there on the Epitome Invocation weapon banner.
  • Yaoyao: One of many longest-rumoured Genshin characters round, many anticipated Yaoyao to reach in the course of the Moonchase Pageant again in 2021, however the four-star Dendro polearm-user has lastly appeared. Yaoyao is a healer, and has a wierd sounding skill where she fires radishes out of her backpack, therapeutic you and damaging enemies on the similar time. She’s out there as a boosted four-star on the Alhaitham and Xiao banners from January 18, although you can earn her totally free throughout Lantern Ceremony.

By way of reruns, Xiao seems alongside Althaitham within the first part, whereas Hu Tao and Yelan are arriving within the second round February 8. 

Genshin Affect 3.4 new area

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Genshin Impact 3.4 - the sandstorm in the desert

The Desert of Hadramaveth has a large sandstorm at its centre (Picture credit score: miHoYo)
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Genshin Impact 3.4 - an underground oasis

There are underground oases to discover as effectively (Picture credit score: miHoYo)

The Desert of Hadramaveth is a brand new a part of Sumeru we’ll have the ability to go to in model 3.4. It sounds much more barren than the present desert, with randomly occurring sandstorms, and a large hurricane that has twisted the area’s surroundings. There may even be loads of underground areas to discover, together with the ruins of Gurabad, a long-lost historical metropolis. This new space ties into the model 3.4 story quest, which sees us trying to find the Scarlet King’s everlasting oasis hidden someplace within the desert.

Genshin Affect 3.4 occasions

(Picture credit score: miHoYo)

The largest occasion in Genshin Affect 3.4 is the returning Lantern Ceremony Pageant, which has a narrative quest and loads of mini-games to check out. Within the questline we’ll be organising a music competition alongside acquainted faces, in addition to uncovering extra tales from the previous with Ganyu and Cloud Retainer. 

The principle Lantern Ceremony occasions are: 

  • Liyue artwork: Paper Theater, where you need to full paper performs by swapping out sections of the stage. 
  • Radiant Sparks is a time trial race with the added twist that you just remodel right into a firework to blast by way of boundaries. 
  • Floating Lanterns Mystique is a boat-based puzzle where you need to gather lanterns. 

There are additionally some fight trials to finish. In case you earn sufficient Festive Fever occasion foreign money, you can invite a four-star Liyue character to your occasion, together with Yaoyao. There are additionally the standard ten free Intertwined Fates to gather as login bonuses in the course of the occasion.

Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Excessive Beetle Brawl is the actual identify of an precise occasion where we’ll duel beetles fighting-game model. Warrior’s Spirit is the return of the preventing match mode where you possibly can’t use abilities and should parry as an alternative. Ayaka additionally has a particular Fontaine-inspired outfit that may characteristic throughout this occasion. 

Second Bloom is a combat-challenge occasion that entails linking characters to realize bonuses whereas preventing in three consecutive rounds. You possibly can earn Lisa’s new Sumeru-inspired outfit totally free throughout this occasion. Lastly, the Genius Invokation card game is getting a Heated Battle Mode, which includes a completely different particular rule each model, beginning with robotically getting eight Omni Component Cube in the beginning of a game.

Genshin Affect 3.4 new boss

The ‘Setekh Wenut’ boss (Picture credit score: miHoYo)

The brand new Desert of Hadramaveth area comes with a brand new boss: Setekh Wenut. This flying Anemo worm appears to be like a bit much like the Wreck Serpent in The Chasm, and can burrow underground or float by way of the air above you to rain down Wind Chew Bullets. 

Genshin Affect 3.4 outfits

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Genshin Impact 3.4 - Lisa outfit

Lisa ‘A Sobriquet Below Shade’ outfit (Picture credit score: miHoYo)
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Genshin Impact 3.4 - Ayaka outfit

Ayaka ‘Springbloom Missive’ outfit (Picture credit score: miHoYo)

As with final yr’s Lantern Ceremony, there are two new character outfits: Springbloom Missive for Ayaka, and A Sobriquet Below Shade for Lisa. The previous is featured within the Warrior’s Spirit occasion, however you sadly will not have the ability to earn it totally free. Solely Lisa’s outfit could be earned from the Second Bloom occasion, whereas you need to purchase Ayaka’s from the shop. 

Additionally I wasn’t kidding about that beetle preventing game 

(Picture credit score: miHoYo)

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