Community-created content is becoming an accepted facet of many online games. Naturally, the more prominent names usually draw in the most creators. As a result, Fortnite‘s custom creation tool has attracted a lot of activity. Now, Epic Games is taking extra steps to reward custom content creators. If a creator’s custom map is able to draw in a lot of players on a regular basis, they now stand to gain a more significant cut of the game’s online store profits. Epic is trying to incentivize creators to work harder on introducing more creative and enjoyable maps to the Fortnite community.

Epic’s Fortnite Creator Economy

Fortnite has come a long way since it first launched with its most recent evolution adding in a level editor. Since then, creators of all sorts have thoroughly used the available tools to create islands and scenarios such as Escape Rooms. These custom maps have grown incredibly popular and Epic Games has arranged a way to encourage more of them.

As stated by Engadget, this is system is called Creator Economy 2.0 which draws from 40 percent of net revenue from Fortnite‘s in-game store. The way it works is that the more visitors a creator’s custom map gets on a regular basis, the more said creators stand to gain from that portion of the game’s profits.

Fortnite is responsible for launching the battle royale genre and hasn’t forgotten where it started. Though the game has introduced campaigns, missions, scenarios, and events, the battle royale mode remains popular. With a third-person perspective and a stylized appearance, the game appealed to a wide audience. It provided the simple thrill of parachuting onto a colorful island with the aim of being the last one standing. With a combination of fast-paced gunplay, diverse assets, and a crafting mechanic, Fortnite continues to thrive and is doing more to hand creativity over to the community.

Online games can go through a lot of transformations and Fortnite has definitely received tons of updates. With the addition of a level editor, custom maps have become popular and Epic Games wants to reward creators with the most popular maps with profits from in-game purchases.

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