At first, there were the console wars. Now, we have the streaming service conflicts, with some entities being far more aggressive than others. Epic Games is landing a big strike in launching its own self-publishing API to help creators get their games out there. Similar to Steam‘s existing system, Epic is making a point by using this to highlight Valve’s flaws. This could be seen as one company attacking another, but one can only sit and watch to see if Epic’s new system really draws in the numbers like its biggest rival.

Self-Publishing on Epic Games

Epic Games made the leap from publishing games to streaming them when it launched its own online streaming platform. Since then, it has managed to keep up with the competition, even with Steam ahead in the game. However, Epic hopes to catch up by providing its own self-publishing tool for indie developers and studios.

According to PC Gamer, Epic will also have a $100 submission fee to publish on the platform. What makes it stand out is that using the tools comes with different requirements. Epic won’t allow pornographic games, and all online multiplayer submissions must include cross-play. These two rules are a commentary on Steam’s tools which Epic CEO Tim Sweeney calls a “lock-in” strategy in terms of limiting online accessibility and the fact that its pornographic games are always in high demand.

While competition between streaming platforms has always been present, strategies usually aren’t so blatant. It’s clear that Epic may not be as popular as Steam. That’s what has caused it to consider different tactics, such as free weekly games. By adding a self-publishing option, Epic is showing that it has both the resources and the capacity to provide quality service. That’s in addition to being seen as a platform that allows submissions to get additional reach. However, based on the rules, Epic may need to rethink its strategy as “what defines a pornographic game” will be something they will have to address once the service takes off.

Epic and Steam may not be on par with David and Goliath. It’s perhaps closer to a talented and inexperienced boxer against an older professional. Once the Epic self-publishing API is in full swing, they may land finally land a critical strike.

Will Quick is a freelance media wizard living in Spain. When he’s not gaming or writing, he’s doodling comics or whatever else pops in his head.