Great, another puzzle. Who needs help?

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Solving puzzles, raising your rank, and adding some cool-looking characters to your team is just another normal day in the life of a Genshin player. But Genshin Impact sometimes throws its players curveballs by adding difficult puzzles into the game in order to get rewards. Remember Watatsumi Island? For those who aren’t familiar it was a puzzle focused on using your electro powers to rotate boxes. There were three phases to beat it and man was it a head-scratcher. Genshin Impact is back-at-it-again with a new puzzle involving a compass. Here we will guide you on how to beat the “End of the Line” puzzle using the Fantastic Compass.

End of the Line Puzzle Guide & Walkthrough

Starting the “End of the Line” quest will require you to take part in the Perilous Trail event where your mission is to solve a puzzle focusing on the Fantastic Compass. When you start off you’re forced to fight as Yanfei, Yelan, & Xiao. You’re then introduced to a cutscene and from there you need to go to a domain. When you reach the domain, Yanfei will take over.

Here’s what you need to finish the quest:

  1. Defeat two waves of enemies
  2. Destroy the tree sprouts next to the half-buried compass
  3. Interact with the compass
  4. Go through the gate and fight as Yelan & Yanfei
  5. Interact with a switch behind the compass
  6. Move the needle forward so it’s far-right
  7. Go through the gate and fight as Xiao
  8. Attack the purple shroud with eyes
  9. Remove the spider web blocking cave
  10. Use the compass inside the cave and move the needle backward so it is pointing left
  11. Go through the gate
  12. The compass will be uncovered. Move it forward so its pointing towards the bottom right symbol
  13. Run through the gate

Once you have completed this you will be greeted with a cutscene. After the cutscene you will be gifted primogems and other assorted rewards. Once this is complete you also have the opportunity to do Yelan’s story quest, “Umbrabilus Orchis Chapter: Act I – Calculated Gambit.”

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That’s all you need to know in order to beat this quest and progress with working on Yelan’s story quest. For more information on Genshin Impact check out our other guides!