Elden Ring video pits Malenia in opposition to each main boss within the game

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Many Elden Ring gamers take into account Malenia Blade of Miquella to be the toughest boss within the game. Between her life-stealing blows, anime-style Waterfowl Dance, and devastating Scarlet Rot assault, she makes quick work of many Tarnished. But how would she fare in opposition to the opposite bosses?

Soulsborne content material creator Garden of Eyes determined to search out out. Their newest video is Malenia vs All Bosses, and whereas that title is a little bit of a misnomer, it does pit the Goddess of Rot in opposition to the game’s main bosses throughout the span of 40 minutes. Some of the fights are full jokes: the Grafted Scion firstly of the game goes down in about 20 seconds. Others just like the formidable Fire Giant and the game’s ultimate boss give the swordstress an actual run for her cash. We received’t spoil the result of any of the fights, however you’ll be able to watch them beneath to see how your favorites stack up.

This isn’t the primary time Garden of Eyes has created epic Elden Ring content material involving Malenia. The YouTuber beforehand created a Spirit Ash Summon mod for Let Me Solo Her, maybe the one most beloved member of the game’s group. Let Me Solo Her is the right exemplar of Elden Ring’s multiplayer: a participant whose sole aim is to assist others defeat a boss thought of by many to be the toughest. After finishing the Haligtree and Elphael, some fortunate gamers have the chance to name Let Me Solo Her for help within the climactic battle in opposition to Malenia — so long as they summon the suitable individual.

Let Me Solo Her, whose precise deal with was revealed to be Klein Tsuboi, lately streamed their 1,000th Malenia kill. It’s a monumental feat when you think about that beating her even as soon as is an excessive amount of for a lot of gamers. Klein Tsuboi will obtain a particular present from writer Bandai Namco for his or her stellar service.