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Elden Ring

Upgrading your flask is without a doubt one of the simplest yet most important things you can do in Elden Ring. It should come as no surprise that From Software video games are merciless when it comes to difficulty. As a result, you’ll almost always need to heal yourself. Running to the Site of Grace isn’t the best option because it’s both distant and doesn’t show your enemies heal/revive as efficiently. As a result, the flasks prove beneficial in such circumstances. So, using this tutorial, we may try strategies for improving and obtaining more Flasks for Healing (Hp) & FP in Elden Ring, additionally discover ways to get Golden seeds.

How to Upgrade & Get extra Flasks in Elden Ring

elden ring how to get more flasks

You can improve Flasks in Elden Ring by accumulating and utilizing Golden Seeds. There are two forms of Flasks that you may improve.

  • Crimson Tears (Restores HP)
  • Cerulean Tears (Restores FP)

Let us test methods to improve each of them. Do do not forget that initially, just one golden seed is adequate to extend the flask. The extra you progress the extra seeds you’ll need to improve them.

How to Upgrade Healing Flask in Elden Ring

  • Collect Golden Seeds from the world.
  • Go to the Site of Grace.
  • Use the Golden seeds and enhance the Crimson Tears prices.

Once you do that you’ll get extra Healing Flasks.

How to Upgrade your Flask for FP

  1. Search the world and collect Golden Seeds.
  2. Go to the Site of Grace.
  3. Increase the Cerulean Tears prices through the use of the Golden seeds.

After upgrading your Cerulean Tears you’ll get extra Flasks to revive your FP.

How to get Golden Seeds in Elden Ring

Golden Seeds may be found at the base of the Ethereal saplings. These bushes may be found all over the world and can be identified by their golden colour. These shrubs also don’t have any leaves on them.